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Friday, July 25, 2008

Chuck Kopp resigns effective immediately

Per KTUU 5:00 report breaking news: Kopp resigns on his own "for the good of the Department of Public Safety."

More at 6:00 PM report and the press release should be out any second...we hope...

Per ADN:
In a brief news conference with Gov. Sarah Palin in her Anchorage office late this afternoon, Kopp said he was stepping down effective immediately. Kopp, appointed to replace former Commissioner Walt Monegan 10 days ago, said recent scrutiny of a 2005 sexual harassment complaint has been too hard on his family.

Neither Kopp nor the governor would answer questions.

"We're going to move forward now," Palin said. "This has been brutal on a good family."

No replacement has been announced.

I'll bet...not for awhile...

This is the part I love:
"The recent media firestorm has been detrimental to the Department of Public Safety mission, the citizens of Alaska and my family," Kopp said. "While I have been portrayed in a negative light, my personal worth is now in the person of Jesus Christ."

Yeah, it's always a good idea to bring Jesus into these things.

Perhaps the fact that media folks and bloggers like myself have been getting all kinds of emails and comments had something to do with this? Perhaps we were calling and emailing the right people and it was only a matter of time before someone went on the record with information proving that you lied through that entire previous press conference on the nature of your harassment? Perhaps the idea of a FOIA requesting access to all of your non-case-related phone conversations with dispatchers (which are recorded) made you nervous about big trouble down the road?

Perhaps the reason you resigned wasn't because of the "media firestorm" that YOU created, but because there were more chickens that were about to roost on top of the other ones?

Buh bye...don't let the door hit ya--well, you know the rest...


HERE is the raw feed of Kopp's statement at the press conference.

HERE is the raw feed of the Governor's statement.

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**BREAKING:** Anticipating Kopp's possible departure via a Governor's "push"


Per Alaska Politics Blog:
Gov. Sarah Palin has been meeting with Public Safety Commissioner Chuck Kopp today and plans to hold a news conference this afternoon, her spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said.

Leighow would not disclose what the two have been talking about or what the governor will say at the news conference, including whether Palin plans on firing the state's top cop.
We're all just waiting for a press release because Sharon Leighow has not announced a time or a place for the press conference. I talked to KTVA and Megan Holland at the ADN--neither one of them knew where the press conference was. (In other words, only people who are personally invited will be there--people who won't ask questions...allegedly...)


The same thing was happening to me right before Andrew Halcro talked to Mike Wooten for four hours. Folks were telling me everything that proved to be true, but they gave me no proof so I couldn't print it.

This time, this information is all about Chuck Kopp and claims that there is much more to the story...and more folks involved. One person even named a name (I deleted it from the comments).

I'm following up on what I can, including looking into submitting a FOIA request. I really am not invested in "breaking stories" but I will if folks will give me the information with that intent. However, I'm also making a request. If there is someone who REALLY knows something out there with proof, break the story to SOMEONE...ANYONE you feel comfortable with. If half of this stuff is actually true, folks REALLY need to know and I don't care who breaks it.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Interview with TransCanada on Keystone, Mackenzie and Alaska gas lines--their timeline isn't ours!!!!

Here is a LINK that EVERYONE should see regarding TransCanada's timeline. According to Hal Kvisle, Alaska will be the LAST PIPELINE COMPLETED--"THE LATER PART OF THE NEXT DECADE!"

Watch the interview...and send a link to your Senator.

Candidate Erick Cordero (pictured below on the right) who is running for Lyda Green's seat, has been talking about this all week:

Through email on Sunday, Cordero asked all members of the legislature to give full consideration to an All Alaskan Natural Gas Pipeline. Cordero mentioned some concerns regarding the TransCanada proposal, specifically related to a development timeline. TransCanada has stated that construction of the Mackenzie line project would take priority over the Alaskan gas pipeline.

In his letter to Alaskan legislators, Cordero stated: “…There are elements in the TransCanada proposal that cause real concern. First of all, TransCanada has stated that construction of the Mackenzie Line in Canada would be their first priority.”

During a recent interview by the Canadian Business News Network on July 16, President/CEO of TransCanada, Hal Kvisle, said that two other projects, the Keystone Pipeline and the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, would be built before any work can start with the Alaskan project. “The Alaska Project is a long way off,” Kvisle said, “We would expect to build the $5 billion dollar phase 1 of Keystone over the next couple of years, then move into this Keystone expansion that we announced today, then our plan would see us constructing the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline and only in the later part of the next decade would the Alaska pipeline be constructed” he added.

Erick Cordero, Senate candidate for District G in Mat Su, has joined with Governor Walter Hickel and the Backbone III project because his first priority is bringing Alaskan gas to market in the next ten years.

Eric has an office opening today as highlighted on Progressive Alaska. I'm heading out there this evening and I hope that folks from Anchorage AND the Valley do the same.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing "Where's Sean?" with our elusive Lt. Governor

Caught Tuesday on a bad cell phone camera...one of Don Young's primary challengers who didn't show up at the Alaska Women's Caucus Couch Debate on Sunday so he could dish food at the Governor's side in Fairbanks. (And perhaps dodge uncomfortable questions about Parnell campaign leader, Frank Bailey, who Walt Monegan identified as one of the Palin Administration folks who pressured him about Mike Wooten.) (Sorry, I got that information from a normally accurate source. Hat tip for correction to Dennis Zaki.)

Note to the women of the Caucus: next time, book a certain "Wild" chocolate shop for your debate if you want Sean to show up--especially if daughter Grace is still working there!

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The Alaska Hillbillies

Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Kopp"
A young police chief who didn't get the word 'stop'
The woman he kept huggin' wanted him to go
So he came face-to-face with Alaska EEO
Complaint, that is...investigation...letter of reprimand

So a few years later the Guvner called him forth
She said, "Hey Chuck, we need you up North"
"I know you've had problems but I'm sure you'll fit the bill"
"Since I'm really in need of another "yes man" shill"
Commissioner..."Top Kopp"...over-his-head

News of his new job shocked the woman, don't you see
Because no one else would know due to Title 23
So she told her story to a couple in the press
And it turned his first conference into something of a mess
Evasive buffoon...obvious liar...couldn't say he "didn't do it."

So now he's denying even though we have the letter
From the City of Kenai meant to make it somewhat better
Between Monegan and Wooten and Mr. "Sex Harasser" new
The Guvner has put herself in quite a Hillbilly Stew
Family feud...nasty and unprofessional...bye bye VP hopes

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We have company from Chicago this week...

Drew swears that he's not a "sex harasser" either!

I'm working on some extensive posts on Diane Benson and all of the candidate's responses to my "six questions." However, we're TRYING to show Drew a good time the same week that my daughter is in her first major role in a play--in Alaska Theater of Youth's Summer Conservatory.

Naw...we're not busy! The posts will come a bit slower.

If anyone has suggestions for fun Alaskan stuff for Drew that we may not have thought of, feel free to post!

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Chuck Kopp---curiouser and curiouser...OK, I mean slimier and slimier...

Picture courtesy of Dept. of Public Safety

This was pretty chicken-shit:
This coming up shortly: "Department of Public Safety Commissioner Charles Kopp will have a press availability for news media at 3 p.m. today to make a statement concerning the claims levied against him while he was with the Kenai Police Department. Kenai Mayor Pat Porter will attend in support of her former police chief."

Alaska Politics posted it at 2:53...I'm guessing they heard about it late as well.

Here's KTUU's story on the women who is accusing him.

I was at the "press availability" event last week where this was originally discussed. Also, here is the letter the Kenai Police Department sent the woman.

I can tell you from my own EEO experience, if there is good evidence that it truly happened and the victim is willing, they'll move the victim as part of a off-the-record settlement. If there's damning evidence and they don't want the victim to take it any farther, they'll move the perpetrator. They won't move anyone if there's no proof.

Chuck Kopp lied...this was a settlement.

***UPDATE--the "press availability" event***
Speaking to reporters this afternoon, Kopp disclosed he was reprimanded, with a letter, by the Kenai city council after an investigation found to have improperly hugged the employee multiple times. He said the hugs were non-sexual, in a "friend-to-friend capacity," and he has no idea why the woman eventually filed a sexual harassment complaint with the city.

He disputes that he ever kissed her, as the woman claims. He also disputed that there was a witness to a kiss, as she contended in an interview with KTUU-Channel 2 yesterday.

K...the letter said they did an investigation...don't you think that they talked to the people involved during an investigation?

He said the city took the complaint seriously and he realized that the workplace hugs were inappropriate. He said he received a letter of reprimand after the investigation. He said he appealed the finding, and reached an agreement with the city that the letter would be removed after two years if there were no further incidents. He said there were none and the letter was removed.

The only reason we know that Kopp lied the first time is because the victim produced this above-linked letter:
"You may want to know what action has been taken against Chief Kopp as a result of this investigation. That is certainly understandable; but Title 23 of the Kenai Municipal Code requires personnel matters, regardless of their nature, to be kept confidential."

Basically, he can claim whatever he wants about the aftermath and any other potential problems and we'll never know...the Kenai Municipal Code prevents anyone but the victim from speaking out.

Chuck "I am not a sex harasser" Kopp, as Commissioner of Public Safety, is responsible for all aspects of Alaska law enforcement. Kopp is responsible for the difficult and sensitive task of finding solutions to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, which exist in Alaska in crisis proportions. Kopp's past renders him ineffective in this most-important task.

Chuck "I am not a sex harasser" Kopp needs to go.

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Button Blanket is still up for bid!!!!! The desserts sold (and were donated to the hard-working Obamacans...happy eating!!!)

$400 is the top bid--post other bids in the comments!!!


The button blanket was made by Writing Raven's mom, a Tlingit of the Dog Salmon clan. (I hope I said that right...correct me if I'm wrong Raven!)

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Pictures from the "Team Blue Oasis" Fundraiser...we made a profit thanks to all who continue to support us!

A very special thanks to my friends Rishi and Tesva for being there when we needed them most and my sisterfriend Rebecca for working so hard and sharing her decorative talents, and Steve (What Do I Know) for jumping in to help...thanks for putting up with the Diva and Divo!!! (not to mention the little Diva-in-training!!!)...

...to the wonderful Mat Su Democrats including candidate Erick Cordero for showing up (most of) the Anchorage-ites by coming out in the rain...

...a "we are not worthy" **bow** for all the hard work by the incredibly warm and generous Mungers and the use of their beautiful home...

...to Donovan for committing to come before he realized it was in Wasilla, then coming anyway...

...for Diane and Tony for booking out of Anchorage right after the debate and for Diane and Raven who gave us the rare and beautiful gift of spontaneously sharing their Tlingit culture with us through song.

Thank you to everyone for your help as we continue to work towards our goal!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Walt Monegan on Cutting Edge with CC, KUDO 1080 3:00 PM

CC will be interviewing Walt Monegan on her show today. It starts at 3:00 PM but I don't know what hour he'll be on. You can go to www.kudo1080.com and stream it online.


On the air with Walt now.


On Alaska Politics, they have a recording of the entire show.

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Moving the Auction Online!!!!!

We have some beautiful desserts and a gorgeous button blanket still up for auction after the fundraiser!

The desserts will be up for bid until 5:00 PM Tuesday and the Button Blanket bidding will close at 5:00 PM Wednesday. We can deliver desserts in Anchorage to the winners and if the bid is high enough, we'll even deliver to the Valley! Winning the blanket guarantees delivery within 60 miles of Anchorage.

Please name the item and place your bids in the comments! Any questions, email me at celticdivaak@yahoo.com

Tlingit Button Blanket modeled by AK-AL Candidate Diane Benson--Present bid: $400.00

Peanut Butter Cup cake (chocolate and peanut butter)--Opening Bid: $25.00

Apple Pie made with fresh apples--Opening Bid: $20.00

Thin Mint cake (devil's food chocolate cake, mint chocolate filling and frosting and Thin Mint crumbles and "garnish")--Current Bid: $20.00

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