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Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm Baaaaack!!!!

Well...we did it...

As of yesterday, I am on LWOP and hopefully by the end of October happily retired!

While my husband and I are both definitely feeling the financial fears, I can't help the feeling that this is absolutely the right thing to do medically, psychologically and career-wise.

Starting this week, my plan is to dust off this blog and bring it back into action! There's just too dang much going on in the world and especially in Alaska that needs the attention of as many reasonable folks as possible.

By Monday, we should know a lot more about the latest mostly-Repub scandal, the FBI raiding the offices of some of our "oiliest" state legislators. That will probably be the first story I'll tackle.

Until then - enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

(By the way, my new header picture and the one in this post of that big, beautiful boy were both taken near my friend's house up on Hiland Road here in Anchorage. These big guys always know when they need to get to restricted areas during hunting season! *snicker*)