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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Libertarians Strike Again - A Letter to the Editor

I am amazed that a frivolous lawsuit against the Municipality was filed by several folks (Alex Crawford, Jason Dowell) who are running for the Assembly in APOC's "Exempt" category (plan to raise less than $5,000.00). Clearly they depend on wasting our tax dollars through this grandstanding to get their "15 minutes" of name recognition.

I am amazed that, when it is pointed out to these same folks how many non-smoking musicians are forced to play in smoking bars if they want to make a living, they have the audacity to tell musicians to "get another career."

Even asbestos workers can go back for financial relief if they develop mesothelioma (asbestos-related cancer) because employers are required to provide sufficient health and safety protections.

Yet, musicians and other hospitality workers are supposed to live with the illnesses brought on by second-hand smoke exposure or "get out of the business."

I am amazed that while alcohol - a substance with serious health and safety ramifications - is strictly regulated in hospitality establishments, these same businesses seem to think that other substances with a serious health impact should be exempt from regulation.

I hope that everyone will join me in a vote for common sense - Vote "No" on Proposition 1.