Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: McCain's claim of a DNC "air drop of lawyers" is false, but we in Alaska knew that already

Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain's claim of a DNC "air drop of lawyers" is false, but we in Alaska knew that already

Per Talking Points Memo:
As noted below, the McCain campaign has a new ad out designed to portray Obama as a predator and Sarah Palin as prey by pointing to 30 opposition researchers that the Obama team allegedly sent to Alaska to savage her.

Of course, the article that the ad references doesn't say Obama sent them -- it actually says Democrats sent them.

But the Democratic National Committee's chief of research, Mike Gehrke, tells me that the DNC hasn't sent a single researcher to Alaska. "Zero," Gehrke says.

We knew that already as a direct result of Alaska Republican Party spokesperson McHugh Pierre's comments on this blog. He made these comments in response to my sharing the information that the McCain folks were on their way within 24 hours of Sarah's selection...VETTING HER AFTER THE FACT.

Per McHugh:
Thanks for the plug, but could you please pick a better picture of me! ; )

I never said McCain folks are coming to Alaska to investigate Palin and "Troopergate"! That is hilarious!

What I did say is that Obama political snoops just came up to Alaska to dig dirt on Palin and were going to be looking into the "Troopergate" allegations and anything else they can find.

Good luck running down more rumors and gossip.

What's hilarious is that he hasn't said a word since the source for my story came forward...the woman who heard him say it was the McCain campaign coming to Alaska the next day.

So when I heard this being spewed as a Republican Party line just a day or two after the comment was posted, I knew it was the cover story they were using to explain all of the Republican Party black suitted lawyers showing up in Alaska to do the job they should have done BEFORE they picked Palin.

Thanks for the tip, McHugh!

P.S. Could someone artsy show me what an air drop of lawyers looks like? I have great pictures of it in my head but I'd love to see some in print!

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