Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: **BREAKING:** Anticipating Kopp's possible departure via a Governor's "push"

Friday, July 25, 2008

**BREAKING:** Anticipating Kopp's possible departure via a Governor's "push"


Per Alaska Politics Blog:
Gov. Sarah Palin has been meeting with Public Safety Commissioner Chuck Kopp today and plans to hold a news conference this afternoon, her spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said.

Leighow would not disclose what the two have been talking about or what the governor will say at the news conference, including whether Palin plans on firing the state's top cop.
We're all just waiting for a press release because Sharon Leighow has not announced a time or a place for the press conference. I talked to KTVA and Megan Holland at the ADN--neither one of them knew where the press conference was. (In other words, only people who are personally invited will be there--people who won't ask questions...allegedly...)


The same thing was happening to me right before Andrew Halcro talked to Mike Wooten for four hours. Folks were telling me everything that proved to be true, but they gave me no proof so I couldn't print it.

This time, this information is all about Chuck Kopp and claims that there is much more to the story...and more folks involved. One person even named a name (I deleted it from the comments).

I'm following up on what I can, including looking into submitting a FOIA request. I really am not invested in "breaking stories" but I will if folks will give me the information with that intent. However, I'm also making a request. If there is someone who REALLY knows something out there with proof, break the story to SOMEONE...ANYONE you feel comfortable with. If half of this stuff is actually true, folks REALLY need to know and I don't care who breaks it.

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Anonymous lazarhat@_remove_to_email_yahoo.com said...

It's all blowin' up, girl... and glad I found your blog so I can follow the slow rot of the present governor's normally over-controlled administration.

How does one contact or send email to you here, btw?

(Aka Randy, drummer from "The Woodies")

7/25/2008 12:58 PM  

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