Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: Moving the Auction Online!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Moving the Auction Online!!!!!

We have some beautiful desserts and a gorgeous button blanket still up for auction after the fundraiser!

The desserts will be up for bid until 5:00 PM Tuesday and the Button Blanket bidding will close at 5:00 PM Wednesday. We can deliver desserts in Anchorage to the winners and if the bid is high enough, we'll even deliver to the Valley! Winning the blanket guarantees delivery within 60 miles of Anchorage.

Please name the item and place your bids in the comments! Any questions, email me at celticdivaak@yahoo.com

Tlingit Button Blanket modeled by AK-AL Candidate Diane Benson--Present bid: $400.00

Peanut Butter Cup cake (chocolate and peanut butter)--Opening Bid: $25.00

Apple Pie made with fresh apples--Opening Bid: $20.00

Thin Mint cake (devil's food chocolate cake, mint chocolate filling and frosting and Thin Mint crumbles and "garnish")--Current Bid: $20.00

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