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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Soulmate? *gag*

Can someone please remind John McCain that his "soul" does not reside (nor does it make decisions from) below the waist? (Watch him "check out" Sarah below)

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Blogger Tea N. Crumpet said...

I think he is reading her speech--but it IS funny because it looks like he could be checking her out. I really do NOT think he is, though. I am willing to bet that anyone who teaches public speaking will show this to their students and say what not to do when up on a stage with someone else.

The soulmate thing-- yuck. What is that?

9/02/2008 12:12 PM  
Anonymous Jim Cyr from Caribou Maine said...

Jim from Maine---this is the newest post going, so I'll leave it here. Sorry if that violates your usual protocol on the site.
I thought this was a very interesting site when I (utterly) stumbled across it. I posted a couple times, and read the responses (as well as some newer threads). I will NEVER be back to this site, and here's why: I am ASTOUNDED that people on here have (disingenuously, with chicken hearts) tried to stand up for Officer Wooten's use of a Taser on a CHILD. (To say nothing of the indications that he THREATENED another child with the same, as they pleaded with him not to. Drunk, no doubt... NO EXCUSE!...) As a master social worker, I must tell you that this is the kind of abuse that I would immediately report to Child Protective Services (even if I wasn't mandated to do so). I would then use my influence to have the offending adult IMMEDIATELY removed from further contact with those children, until their situation and fitness (or lack of) was fully investigated, and a safety plan was put into place (if that is even possible). I sincerely hope that none of you who have tried to defend this indefensible action are NEVER in positions of caring for children by yourselves, without other adults around. If so, those children can be considered to be at risk. These are HUGE red flags, in my field. Not small ones--huge ones. Nothing more to say about that.
Secondly, the SCUZZINESS! Some people on here (I thought almost all Alaskans were good, decent, sensible people!) have engaged in the exact same kind of gross, disgusting, scuzzy personal gossip, slandering, innuendo, judgementalism (and I thought it was just evangelical conservatives who can be Puritanically judgemental! huh....). Those of you who have stooped to this low should truly be ashamed of yourselves. I like to think I'm a good guy---I love my family, work hard, try to really give back to my community, etc. etc. But you should see what some of my siblings and other relatives are like, or what they've done! It's nice to know that means that, on this website, at least, my family's dirty laundry renders me a complete loser to you all, a peson to be discarded, a person worthy of the harshest, most intolerant kind of judgement. That's not the way I try to live MY life, and when I encounter that kind of scuzziness, I get away from it.....fast! I have found it to be a bad influence. It's contagious. Thus, no more CDBO for me. Sorry for taking up space on here with a different point of view.
P.S> The more I look into Palin and her family, the more I think that they really ARE going to be excellent ambassadors and representatives of your great state. Her fellow Alaskans largely feel the same way, too, the polls suggest. Maybe some of you on here and in the Alaskan media and in Alaskan politics are just jealous of that??)

9/02/2008 1:46 PM  
Blogger Polarbear said...

Goodbye Jim.

We told you time and ptarmigan
We really caribou you.

9/02/2008 3:09 PM  
Blogger Franco said...

ciao , don't let the door slap ya on the way out.

9/02/2008 4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see someone didn't take my advice and keep their mouth shut while wallowing in their muck. It seems you have swallowed your own filth and it is coming back out in print.
Even though I thought it was a bizzare way to address it I never thought of it as him being a dirty old man.
aaahhhh the left...you gotta love their minds covered with gutter scum. The party of no morals whatsoever doesn't surprise me though.


9/02/2008 5:58 PM  
Anonymous catdance said...

Are these guys working the blogs for McCain Points off his website?

9/02/2008 7:54 PM  
Blogger Lazarhat said...

Umm, yes they are. McCain pays freelancers to downlist and to comb through "liberal" blog sites for offending topics so they can vote them down or off of sites like Digg and other popular aggregator sites.

What I find most hilarious about this whole Palin soap opera is how the neocons (and Sarah is now their new poster child) can still pretend to take the moral high ground and curse all "liberals" as being immoral, heathen trash while the neocon doctrine of "abstinence from sex before marriage" education is an obvious and proven failure. Meanwhile they continue their assault on reproductive rights and reproductive choice for women and continue to try and restrict access to viable birth control methods! That's the true immorality.

When anyone BUT a fellow neocon criticizes their blatant hypocrisy (and neocons NEVER eat their young on this topic) concerning women's reproductive rights as it applies to everyone BUT THEM, they are shouted down by neocon bully tactics or told that it would be in "bad taste" to discuss such delicate matters. You know, such as having a seventeen year old unmarried daughter being essentially now statutorily raped and impregnated by her eighteen year old boyfriend while her necon mom and dad are supposed to be hammering that "abstinence nail" into her head. It's ridiculous.

But were a liberal candidate to inform America that their seventeen year old daughter was pregnant out of wedlock, the neocons would be rolling on the floor and frothing at the mouth at the utter "sinfulness" of such a person. They would howl loudly and incessantly if the MSM treated it as a "these things happen in modern families" issue (like the neocons are now repeating as a primary neocon talking point whenever asked about Bristol Palin) and swear "liberal media bias" if the MSM demonstarted their unwillingness to report on such a scandal. Sort of how a lot of the MSM are starting to do NOW in the Bristol Palin case by regurgitating the necon talking point regarding her and her unfortunate condition. "These things happen...".

Absolute hypocrisy. And absolute stupidity. The second I heard that McCain had chosen Palin, I smiled to myself and thought "you sir have just lost the presidency...". I still believe that assessment to be true.

It will only get worse for them before it gets better because it isn't going to get better for the neocons for a long, long time if Obama wins. If this Palin saga isn't a crystal clear hint of their rabid desperation to hold on to power, I don't know what is.


9/03/2008 10:14 AM  

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