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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alaska Blogs are dispelling the Sarah Palin "myths" running rampant across the MSM and the blogosphere

I've seen an amazing amount of misinformation making it's way across both the MSM and the blogosphere since Friday's announcement of the Palin pick for McCain's VP running mate. Luckily, Alaska blogs are on the case.

1) When I heard Rachel Maddow, after an excellent analysis of the VP pick, display some confusion on the facts regarding the Mike Wooten issue I posted an open letter in an attempt at providing clarity.

2) There have been conflicting "rumors" of Sarah's "gay-friendliness" all over the web. Bent Alaska is on the case:
The national LGBT media recognizes her opposition to equality and civil rights - except the Log Cabin Republicans (gay republicans, believe it or not) who think she is a wonderful choice.

And the fringe elements are joining the fray.

In these reports, I found only two LGBT Alaskans quoted (both in the same article by Gay City News):

Some press reports following the McCain campaign announcement have repeated the right-wing rhetorical flourish that has Palin declaring that she has gay friends. That softer image is not what some Alaskans saw.

"That's just completely wrong," said Allison E. Mendel, the attorney who brought the 1999 [partner benefits] case. "She spoke on radio programs all throughout the campaign saying, 'I want a constitutional amendment, I think these things are only for a man and a woman.' ... I don't think she's ever said a friendly word about gay people, that they ought to have health benefits like other people do or anything along those lines."

On AIDS issues, Palin simply has no record at all.

"There is not a lot to speak of for AIDS policy because she hasn't done much," said Trevor Storrs, executive director of the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association. "She's never been given the opportunity to address our situation here because it has never been put before her."

"She has done very little to address the major epidemics," he said.

I want to add that one of the issues folks point to as her "gay-friendly" stance was her decision to veto the bill which would have blocked gays from recieving equal health benefits from several agencies. However, the explanation doesn't match up,per the ADN in 2006:
In the first veto of an administration that isn't yet a month old, Palin said she rejected the bill despite her disagreement with a state Supreme Court order earlier this month that directed the state to offer benefits to same-sex partners of state employees.

Advice from her new attorney general said the bill passed by the Legislature was unconstitutional, she said.

"Signing this bill would be in direct violation of my oath of office," Palin said in a prepared statement released by her administration Thursday night.

That doesn't sound "gay friendly" to me.

3) Much is being made of Todd Palin's "Eskimo-ness" and it has actually been stated outright that his percentage of Inupiat blood makes the Palin family "Alaska Native" friendly. Per Alaska Real's Writing Raven:
But this is the kind of stuff that concerns me about the Todd Palin mentions (from the Baltimore Chronicle):
Married to a native Eskimo, and with four mixed-race children, she can expect to appeal to many non-white American voters, on whose support the Obama campaign is counting.
I cannot stress enough - Sarah Palin has done nothing for the Alaska Native community - a community that includes her own children.

Any venture into the Alaska Native community has been superficial at best. I can't even take issue with her Alaska Native policies, because she has NOTHING of substance. She has ignored Alaska Native people from before she took office as governor - an act all the more harmful because it is her own children's heritage she is not acknowledging.

The only thing I know she's "done" for Alaska Native people - fire them. Or not hire them in the first place. The more recent one is Walt Monegan. I absolutely don't believe she fired him because he was Native - I believe she fired him because he wouldn't fire her ex-brother in law- despite the investigation that had already been done on him, with findings and reprimand.

So far, from the phone calls and hits on my blog, it seems that media across the country are at least curious enough to research some of these facts. I only hope that these and other "myths" can be nipped in the bud before the McCain Campaign can imprint them as "fact" on an Alaska-ignorant public.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Richard Barrett

Many had predicted that the Republican Party would fail at the polls,
not because of any strength or attraction by the Democratic Party,
but because of backlash from its own, betrayed constitutents. Some
had, even, pronosticated that the GOP had become so mired in lies,
corruption and perfidy, which trashed its own "Contract With
America", that it would go out of existence, altogether. The naming
by John McCain of a female, miscegenationist running-mate, however,
came crashing through like the last water-tight doors, bursting on
the doomed "Titanic", sweeping aside any hopes to keep the hulk
afloat. It's being denominated as "sad" and "tragic," but predictable.

The modern Republican Party had taken shape in 1964, as the
last-resort of opposition to the Civil Rights Bill, integration and
what Southern-Democrats blasted as the "communization" of the
country. It became known for what were termed "little old-ladies in
tennis-shoes," who fanned out across the nation, knocking on doors
and appealing for "traditional values" of "home, family and country."
There wasn't a "pants-suit" in the bunch. They called themselves
"conservatives," unabashedly seeking to "turn back the clock" on
"Brown v. Board", the Voting Rights Act, the Forced-Housing Law
and all the "Great-Society" measures, which had forced minorities over
the majority.

They sensed that forcing Negroes into jobs and offices was only a
prelude to forcing women, then homosexuals, then aliens in. Their
organizing and campaigning paid off a decade later, when the Equal
Rights Amendment was proposed, to supposedly make women "equal"
to men, the same way the Civil Rights Bill, which had never been
submitted to popular-vote of the people, was supposed to make
Negroes "equal" to whites. Phyllis Schlafly turned out to be the
leading-light, telling enthusiastic audiences that she thanked her
husband, Bill, for allowing her to appear, that evening, and that she
just didn't want the ERA "pulling women down to the level of men."

Crowds loved the newfound "conservatism" and the ERA, once considered
as much a "shoo-in" as Hillary Clinton, went down down at the polls
in the same Wicked-Witch-of-the-West melt-down. As a result,
Schlafly, who had chosen the Republican-Party as her political-base,
drew new minions and strength to the GOP, resulting in the ouster of
ERA-backing, VRA-supporting Democrats in 1994 and an historic,
clean-sweep of the Congress. Not all who chose "femininity" over
"feminism" chose the GOP, however. Alice Hall, a staunch,
George-Wallace backer, who delivered impassioned TV-broadcasts
against the ERA, refused to evacuate the party of FDR and Jefferson

Clair Baucum, who had campaigned against the ERA in New Jersey,
even relocated to Tennessee, convinced that casting her lot with the
Old Confederacy would be a springboard to even greater victories. Her
fondest dreams of North-South unity seemed to finally be coming true,
when Nationalists held their massive "Neighborhood, Home, Family and
Country" rally in Boston. Young Jackie Paul brought down the house
with her ringing appeal to have more children and stronger families
and to overturn, once and for all, the demands of minorities,
particularly the "feminists." Her ranks were swelled by Christians,
who chimed in that "the man should be the head of the home."

The "pedestal" for women was not new. A "patriarchal" society, as
opposed to the "matriarchal" tribalism of Africa, where bastardy
reigns, had been the key to Western Civilization. Women were
shielded from the sordidness of politics, drudgery of the workplace and
bloodshed of warfare, as an attribute of civilized society. Mississippi,
even, drew raves, when it mocked the "International Women's Year"
conference by electing men as delegates to oppose what they termed
the "lesbian-festival." According to delegate Laura Huff, who
described herself as a "militant-conservative," the ERA would mean
the "end of marriage." "We've got to protect our children," she warned.

Huff's worst fears played out when George H. W. Bush elevated
Clarence Thomas, a Negro married to a white woman, George W.
Bush installed Condeleeza Rice, a Negress, as Secretary of State,
and Republican-judges in California ruled that lesbians could
"marry" each other. "Affirmative-action" was, then, used by the
Bush-Administration to shove women into the military, promote women
over men and, eventually, coronate McCain with the "crown-jewel" of
feminism, Sarah Palin. Had Schlafly been offered the post, she likely
would have politely declined, saying, "That's a man's position." It
was immediately dredged up that Palin had boasted of having lesbian

Palin had used her veto-power, as Governor of Alaska, to pass a
law granting "equality" to state-employed lesbians, placing their
"partners" on par with normal couples. She had, also, stated that
lesbians were being "discriminated against," which meant "okay, let's
get more lesbians in here and, while we're at it, how about some more
Negroes, Mexicans and, well, anybody but straight, white males."
Palin is touted for toting a gun, not exactly the most ladylike of
attributes, and for having a genetically-retarded child, not exactly
the dream of Margaret Sanger, who strove for genetic-improvement of
humanity. Palin, who knew of her defective fetus, refused an

Palin is under investigation for trying to fire state-trooper Mike Wooten,
which drew no rebuke from McCain, because, after all, Wooten was
only a "man." Palin's husband, Todd, is an Eskimo, part of the
Yup'ik tribe. McCain, who had adopted an Indian-baby, had praised
Bobby Jindal, an Indian, as a possible running-mate, so stringing the
GOP up on the noose of miscegenation, as well as feminism, was
hardly out-of-character. Paulette Simpson of the Alaska Republican
Women's Federation described Palin as "tough," the euphemism
for "mannish" once accorded to Harriet Miers. McCain might as
well have picked Ellen DeGeneris or Oprah Winfrey, but he wanted
a "Republican."

Copyright 2008 Skinheadz

8/31/2008 8:14 AM  
Anonymous nytexan said...

Hello from Texas. Thanks fro your post on correcting the MSM, it seems to keep us progressive bloggers busy.

I am curious about a comment left on my blog and wondered if you could share your thoughts. It has been stated that Sarah Palin is not the mother of her new baby but the grand-mother or Trig. If this is true it need to be out there in bold letters. Palin may be the next Tom Eagleton.

Also I would love to cross post some of your information here especially Palin's behavior, of lack therof towards native Americans.

8/31/2008 9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can now rest easy at night knowing that Alaska bloggers are busy quelling rumors and dispelling myths about Governor Palin.

Keep gettin on it !

8/31/2008 6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palin vs. Alaska Natives: Wall Street Journal articles (will WSJ endorse
Obama?); Tonya Harding of Republican Politics?; Dissecting Obama "Hatchet
Job" Book; 5 entries at mybarackobama.com; posting comments is invaluable!

Sarah Palin's Record on Alaska Native and Tribal Issues, by Teresa Germain

Book Review by John K. Wilson: The Case Against Barack Obama (Hatchet Job)
by David Freddoso

Another Reason to Write the WSJ: Obama's Management of Oil Reserve Plan
Published in WSJ, by John Shages, former deputy assistant secretary for
Petroleum Reserves at the Department of Energy.

Filling the Editorial Page of the Wall Street Journal with our letters in
appreciation for Recent Article Blasting McCain's Untruthful Ad Will Bring
Wall Streeters into Supporting Obama!

Sarah Palin, The Tonya Harding of Republican Politics, by Deborah White,
plus an Important Exemplary Letter in Washington Post on Education
Qualifications of Candidates

Respectfully Submitted,

Stephen Fox
Contributing Editor New Mexico Sun News
Founder, New Millennium Fine Art Santa Fe

9/09/2008 8:39 PM  

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