Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: An Open Letter to Rachel Maddow--Let me help you update your Sarah Palin "Trooper-gate" info

Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Open Letter to Rachel Maddow--Let me help you update your Sarah Palin "Trooper-gate" info

Dear Rachel,

Congratulations on your new MSNBC Show. I cannot wait to see it. Also, I regret so much not getting the chance to see you in Denver. At the time, we were trying to get more passes (we did) for my whole team to go to see Obama at Invesco Field so I had to miss your talk. I still hold out hope that someday I'll meet you in person.

But that's not the point of this letter.

I saw you on Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" and while your analysis of McCain's choice of Sarah Palin was spot-on, you obviously lacked some vital information regarding "Trooper-gate." I'd like to help you there.

I made THIS POST after attending the press conference where Mike Wooten asked the union TO RELEASE HIS RECORDS to the media. In spite of the fact this would reveal any flaws he may have in the matter, he wanted folks to know that their Governor, her family and her friends were spending a whole lot of time trying to get him fired. I also believe that (at the time) with Monegan gone and with the short-lived appointment of Chuck Kopp, he believed his job was not long for this world so what did he have to lose?

I recommend that you look at the documents closely...they are all linked in the post on the Public Safety Employees of Alaska that I linked above. You will read all of the allegations against him. I especially encourage you to read the "email" from Sarah Palin to retired Col Julia Grimes. Try to figure out which cereal box produced Sarah's Communication degree. Then read the interviews she does with the troopers, where they discover that her email was based entirely on the hearsay from her sister (the woman scorned) and Sarah knew NOTHING first-hand.

A couple of corrections to what you said last night:

1) Wooten NEVER physically hurt his wife. When she was asked in the interviews if he hit her, Mary said he did not.

2) The "taser incident"--it was stupid, it was poor judgement, it was irresponsible but having cared for 10-year-old boys before, I could see how it happened. I can imagine that, if the boy indicated that he'd just get someone else to try it on him, Wooten (who was trained on tasers) may decide to do it the safest way possible to show him what it was like. Like I said, stupid and poor judgement but not completely out of the realm of understanding...if you know 10-year-old boys.

Anyway, I hope this information helps. Rachel, if you have any questions, feel free to email me, call me, send a signal flare or any other way you can. Thanks!!!!!

P.S. Don't call Alaska Native folks "Eskimo." Most Natives aren't and those that are often don't like the term...it's a "white man" label.

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Blogger Gryphen said...

Great post Diva!

I have also been correcting some misinformation about Palin and "Troopergate".

By the by I am going to ask you to visit my friend over at Watergate Summer. http://watergatesummer.blogspot.com/

She is working on a story about Palin that may be too sensitive for Alaska bloggers to take on. Her e-mail address can be found in her Blogger profile.


8/30/2008 7:49 AM  
Blogger Houston said...

You and a few of your Alaska Blogging buddies are about to have a momment in the sun. I've thoroughly enjoyed connecting with Alaska politics through your eyes. I hope you sent the link to this post to Rachel. Even if you didn't, I'm going to.


8/30/2008 10:33 AM  
Blogger JMBC said...

Welcome Home!! Glad you all had a great time in Denver - who knew we'd be following up that excitement with so much more fun?

I'm glad that you are helping to get the facts out - this is such a Rove action, cynical beyond belief. I can only hope it blows up in their faces.

Btw, this is the best weather we've had since you left, hope you're enjoying the sun.

8/30/2008 3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only all that, but Ms Palin has had virtually no contact with
Jewish people in America. In fact, most Alaskans still use the term
“to jew someone down” as part of their every day vocabulary when
speaking about bargaining at the store….so I guess Ms Palin has a
huge storehouse of inherited antiSemitic fixations based not on hatred
but on ignornace. Ask her what she thinks of Jewish people someone? I
am sure he only knows about 3.

8/30/2008 9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diva - Guess what?

Since McCain has decided to make Palin the "heartbeat away from Presidency" running mate, I'm going to vote for OBAMA!


8/30/2008 10:31 PM  
Blogger sellitman said...

Great job. Looks like McSame could of spent a few more hours vetting his choice before picking Sarah. Too bad he doesn't know how to use Google.

8/31/2008 6:42 AM  
Blogger John said...

Great writing on your Blog. I love Rachel also, and am very proud of her.
I really think the GOP VP pick was fantastic, so much meat there, maybe a moose's worth.
I am in Haiku on Maui, our Governor Linda Lingle has a lot more "Experience" than your governor, but she is pro-choice and not a wacked out Christien extremeist so she wouldn't pander to the GOP extremist hoards.(Lingle is still a bit right wing for me.)

9/01/2008 12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diva - Sarah's sisters name is Molly, not Mary.

1) Wooten NEVER physically hurt his wife. When she was asked in the interviews if he hit her, Mary said he did not.

9/02/2008 1:41 AM  

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