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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alaska Blogs dispelling Sarah Palin myths part 2--Bristol Palin

There is quite the way-beyond-a-buzz happening on the internet over allegations that Trig Palin is not Todd and Sarah's child, but belongs to Bristol Palin and an unknown father.

That's not how I've been hearing it for the last few months at all. As a matter-of-fact, I've been hearing that Trig is very much Todd and Sarah's child while Bristol Palin is actually pregnant now.

More than one Alaska blogger has received tips, emails, comments, etc...alleging that Bristol Palin has been pregnant since last spring, when she was moved out of the Valley to Anchorage to continue high school (allegedly away from the father of her unborn child). A commenter at Alaska Mudflats called Sue Williams who claims to be a neighbor of the Palins gives this story:
During this period is when Bristol, Sarah’s sixteen year old daughter, turns up pregnant. So, it’s kind of interesting to note that the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee and her sixteen year old junior in high school unwed daughter were carrying babies at the same time. Once Bristol’s condition became more obvious this summer, she was whisked out of sight and hasn’t been seen in public until yesterday in Ohio. This is why Trig’s blanket was strung across her entire abdomen and torso, but, when she walked down the stairs from the stage, in a profile shot, it was very clear to see she is well into her third trimester of her pregnancy.

It has come out in the past couple of days that she and her high school boyfriend had a quickie wedding and that she is home schooling her senior year.

The Anchorage Daily News has known about this for months - and haven’t touched the story. But I can’t imagine the national press or the Democratic Party will be as willing to turn a blind eye.

I can attest that versious of this story have been around for months, at least in the Alaska blog world, and no one has been willing to come forward with it due to lack of folks "in the know" willing to discuss it on the record one way or the other.

However, John McCain's daughter Meghan may have inadvertantly "kicked it up a notch."

In a post on her blog "McCain Blogette.com", Meghan posts a gazillion photos of all of them at the introduction of Sarah Palin as the VP choice in Dayton, Ohio. These two pictures were part of the bunch:

In both pictures Bristol looks like she may be quite pregnant. On the picture below, I noticed how extremely conspicuous the blanket looked covering practically down to her thighs when the baby was on her shoulder.

While I commend bloggers and other media who are doggedly pursuing an issue, I believe they are currently working on the wrong issue. Considering how many ethics and legal questions are swirling around the Palin's, questions about a pregnant daughter seem a little silly.


a) I'm posting this because I've received many emails on the topic. This is my answer.

b) Other than the "hypocrite" value, I really don't think that Bristol Palin being pregnant at the moment is a primary issue with Sarah Palin's VP candidate selection...there is too much that is potentially illegal and unethical going on to focus on this.

c) I don't believe that the "Trig is her grandson" story is true and I think it could end up decimating the credibility of those folks who continue to push it.

d) This will be the one and only post on this subject.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should it really matter if Bristol is pregnant? I mean, sure it might be damaging to Palin's squeaky-clean appeal among the religious right, but objectively speaking, it's not the kind of thing that has a lot to do with Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential qualifications.

9/01/2008 3:10 AM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

The only way it "matters" is that the Palin's will do almost anything to maintain this squeaky-clean image of theirs. However, part of the reason I'm posting this is the "Trig isn't her kid" issue seems to be dominating all others and I don't think it's a real issue.

9/01/2008 4:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but it DOES matter when the EXTREME pro-lifers like Palin even look down on the suggestion to teach young people about responsible sex. Teaching abstinence only is so ridiculous in today's world. Bristol has a loving and supportive family so I'm sure she'll be able to adjust to being a mother at 17. She won't have to deal with the poverty levels that sometimes come along with teenage preganacy. But not every young lady is so lucky. What about them? Don't we have a responsibility to teach these before they get into this situation. That's why this story matters and it matters that Palin is a VP nominee. If she wants to make those decisions for her household then that is fine. But as VP she now could affect my household with her beliefs and decision making. She will push an agenda that many do not agree with.

9/01/2008 8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are the only one who got it right - I noticed the Bristol photos too and then figured it out. all the confusion is understandable since Sarah did some nutty things like flying home while in labor-water break? dumb! passing one hospital over another - odd... not looking too pregnant (lucky) and then Bristol dropping out of school. Sarah promoting herself as family values through and through , holding up her own family as exemplary (as so many of those christians tend to do). Then hiding her daughter at home, which is a judgment call. So, all that understandable leads to the theory and story. YOU Got it right. Bristol is pregnant, thanks to people coming forward. And Sarah will have to admit and say "oh well, what can you do about it," but don't tell me the abstinance, and family values of the right are the better choices in life. We all are the same folks. And I wouldn't vote for a woman who is dragging her kids and preg daughter around, having others care for them and this is person I need to pay attention to what's going on in the world? NO. I am a mom too, and my grown up kids still take too much time. Little kids ? Forget it.

9/01/2008 8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything matters in this election. This shows she like all Pro-lifers do not believe in teaching responsible safe sex.

9/01/2008 8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it all speaks as much to the judgment of John McCain and his staff. There's no way I will ever believe that he knew about Bristol's pregnancy before he selected her. That's a bombshell that his party - the party of the evangelicals and abstinence and such - would never warm up to. It would be one thing if the candidate was loaded with experience but had a pregnant teen. In this case, the utter lack of relevant experience COMBINED with knowledge of a teen pregnancy would have been a non-starter from the get go. On to option #2.

The bottom line is that Sarah Palin wasn't properly vetted by the McCain campaign. Her selection was rushed, for some reason, and now McCain and company are going to have to answer for it at some level. Lack of experience, ethics violations, teen pregnancy, etc. McCain's first "decision" as potential President has turned into an unmitigated disaster.

Palin will step away from the campaign before the end of the week.

9/01/2008 10:21 AM  
Blogger Michael Shay said...

Celtic Diva: Thanks for the post and the details on the Palin family's pregnancies. So many rumors swirling and we needed an Alaska blogspective. The daughter's pregnancy does say something about the Fundamantalist Right's weird take on family values, sex before marriage and birth control. But it's a distraction to the real issue: trouncing the McCain-Palin ticket in November.

9/01/2008 5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a registered Independent and I have no problem with Bristol Palin being pregnant. If McCain did or did not know about it ~ we'll never know for sure.
I have no problem with the Palin Family NOT disclosing it to America until they felt they wanted to. It's not our business.
I know many people say that Sarah Palin has no control over her family. Bill Clinton had no control over his penis and that didn't stop the Democrats from Hailing him as King of America. Palin will be Hailed as Queen of America by the Republicans. So what? It's all politics. They are all liars. There is no such thing as a breath of fresh air in politics.
I didn't like Palin at all when I first heard of her. But I'm liking her more and more now. The more she gets beaten down in blogs and by the press, the more I'm rooting for her. I was wishy-washy on McCain before but I think I'm swinging his way now, especailly if he sticks by Palin.
I have a feeling Trig is going to be America's baby. God Bless him.

9/01/2008 6:31 PM  
Anonymous catdance said...


"...Trig is going to be America's baby."

If Sarah Palin is going to have these babies, she and Todd can raise them themselves. America doesn't have to do it for them.

Although, given the job they've done so far....

9/01/2008 6:56 PM  
Anonymous tanbark said...

There IS this:

Regarding the rumors of Palin's bogus pregnancy; she could shoot them down by the simple expedient of having Candy Baldwin-Jordan, the doctor who supposedly delivered the little boy, make a brief statement saying that she had delivered him, from Sarah, last April, at the Wasilla Hospital.

I well understand the constraints of the patient/doctor relationship, but if, as we're reading, the rumors have been around for months, it's strange that Palin has never (to my knowledge) told her doctor to shoot them down with one brief statement.
Until that happens, the speculation is going to have SOME legs.

9/01/2008 11:09 PM  
Anonymous Eileen said...

Tanbark ~ what are you talking about?? How could Bristol have had a baby in April and STILL be five months pregnant???!! I think the fact that Bristol is five months pregnant now does dispel the rumor that Sarah Palin is Trig's grandmother.
And Trig will be America's baby in that those with a heart in America will be happy to follow his progress. And I think his parents are doing a fine job with their family. Catdance but be perfection in order to be casting the stones. One day we will all need understanding and compassion. 'Hope you all get more than you are willing to give.

9/02/2008 3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading a lot of left-wing blogs that label Alaskans as 'backwoods hillbillies', so much for 'Men In Trees'. It's so sad that no matter which party you belong to most will lie, steal, cheat, name-call, go after family/children, do whatever it takes to get their man/woman elected. So sad to label a whole state of individuals because you hate Sarah Palin.
I'm really getting fed up with it all. I was a registered Democrat for years and years until I finally got sick of their 'Holier Than Thou' attitude. I finally re-registered as an Independent. My husband is a registered Republican and he is seeing the same thing in that party.
There is no such thing as 'fair and balanced' in politics, nor to I believe there is such a thing as 'fair and balanced' in the media anymore. Everyone has an agenda.
I wish there were a real candidate to back wholeheartedly. Oh well, maybe four years from now.

9/02/2008 6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a funny and maybe telling twist in the official announcement of Bristol's pregnancy by the McCain campaign. If I remember right they said that they wanted to put to rest the rumors (of Trig being Bristol's baby)and it obviously worked. CNN at least did the math and came up with the statement that the rumor could not be true because Trig was born in April. Now what about another fake or maybe just some liberty with the months of Bristol's (second?) pregnancy (lets say 3 instead of 5)? ... just covered my bald head with a tinfoil head in case you wanted to know.

9/02/2008 10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous @10:10 thinks some liberty might have been taken with the months of Bristol's (second) pregnancy. I see so she's having a set of Irish Twins, right after she gave birth to the Down's baby she ran out and slept around and got pregnant the very next month or so, and the Palin's decided to 'act' as the grandparents to the Down's baby but came 'clean' with this baby. I know you must be joking, but the sad part is there are really people out there who would agree with you!
And they all really need to come up with lives of their own.
They're very sad. And if you weren't being tongue-in-cheek I don't think you need to cover your bald head with tin foil or anything else, just get a brain transplant.

9/02/2008 2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of the things I wonder are:
1. Why Bristol is holding his little brother most of the time?
2. Why Trig is so confortable in her syster's arms.
3. In a couple of pictures I've seen so far of Sarah holding Trig she is about to drop him or probably she has to practice more at home before she post for the family photo.
4. This is very easy for her to clarify. She just need to show all of her medical records for the last year including hospital records of the day of delivery.
5. I will like also to see that she release her financial statements.

9/02/2008 5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears that Sarah Palin's first child was also conceived before she was married. This is a big deal only because of her staunch abstinence ideology.


"The Palins eloped on Aug. 29, 1988, and their first son, Track, was born eight months later"

9/02/2008 5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would the McCain-Palin campaign even feel the NEED to dispel the rumor about a faked pregnancy? Don't unfounded rumors usually just get ignored? To acknowledge them gives them credence.

This is why I'm not fully convinced that we've really gotten the truth behind the two pregnancies. I found it ODDLY convenient that Bristol is five months pregnant, which is just enough time to make a double pregnancy impossible. And don't forget that the press release about Bristol's current pregnancy was released SPECIFICALLY to dispel the faked pregnancy rumors. How odd?! I was taken aback to find out Bristol is pregnant, period, let alone that she just happens to be five months pregnant. Coincidence? I'm not convinced.

There's more to this story. Until I see a birth certificate for Trig, I won't be convinced. That would have been the best evidence to dispel the rumor, rather than throwing Bristol under the proverbial bus to announce her pregnancy to the entire world. Thanks a bunch, Mom and Dad! Family values at work.

9/02/2008 8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if Bristol is five months pregnant (meaning in the fifth month of pregnancy), that does not mean she did not give birth to Trig.

A woman can get pregnant again after giving birth almost immediately.

The math works out that there was a full two week period in which Bristol could have gotten pregnant for a second time.

Assuming Bristol had been kept from seeing or visiting Levi until after the birth (a safe assumption, since the Palin's seem to have sequestered her at home; they took her out of school even), what would two teenagers in love do immediately on seeing each other again (as soon as they had a chance)?

The MySpace pictures that have Levi's sister Mercede calling Bristol's sister Willow her "sister IN-LAW" seem to indicate that Levi and Bristol may have been wed right at the time of Trig's birth. The pictures also prove the Johnston family (meaning Levi) was around Bristol right at the time of Trig's birth.

Levi's sister, Mercede, also calls Sarah Palin her mother-in-law in those pictures and she calls Trig her new baby brother.

I think there has been a wedding. I think Bristol and Levi are already married despite the statement Sarah Palin released to the press (saying they "will" be married).

And I strongly suspect there is more the story of Trig's birth than meets the eye.

This is not over, not by a long shot.

9/02/2008 8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All it shows is that the Republican Party should actually be called the Hypocrite Party.

With this choice for a VP, McCain has just sealed the fate of the Hypocrite Party for the next 8 years.

9/02/2008 10:39 PM  
Blogger eric said...

I don't really care what her family doctor would say in regards to delivering Trig- anyone can be bought, but I would like to see the ultrasound and amnio reports Sarah had that let her know the baby was being born with Down Syndrome. If those had HER name on them, they would be proof enough. I mean none of her staff members say they knew she was pregnant, even with all the tests and missed work?

Something's fishy, and it's not just the alaskan fishermen's hands...

9/03/2008 2:45 AM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Sarah Palin's doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, is in Palin's pocket. So don't expect the doctor to clear up any rumors regarding the pregnancy. Here's why:

Turns out that it was Mayor Sarah Palin who nominated Dr. Baldwin-Johnson for 2002 Family Physician of the Year:

"The 48-year-old doctor was nominated by the Alaska Chapter of AAFP, which had presented her with the Alaska Family Physician of the Year award for 2001. Letters of recommendation came from a variety of people, INCLUDING THE MAYOR OF WASILLA and a commissioner for the state of Alaska."


Then, as governor, Sarah Palin appointed Baldwin-Johnson as a commissioner to Health Care Strategies Council in May 2007:

"Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson of Wasilla is a private practice family physician and the 2002 National Family Physician of the Year from the American Academy of Family Physicians. In 1999, Baldwin-Johnson co-founded and is the volunteer medical director of The Children’s Place, and since 2005 has served as a consultant and trainer on child abuse issues. Baldwin-Johnson graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine where she participated in the WWAMI Medical School program."

The current web page for the commissioner announcement is no longer available, but a cache version exists here:

This is why it was necessary for Sarah to fly back to Alaska when her labor (or Bristol's?) began. Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson was the only one they could trust to help them cover their tracks.

9/03/2008 9:18 AM  
Anonymous katie said...

The Republican Party is the Hypocrite Party????!!!! Are you people for real?? All you've done for days on this blog is spread rumors without one fact to back it up! And all of a sudden the Democrats are the voice of Family Values and Traditions??
Oh, My Good God in Heaven, you are laughable.
I'm loving this though. You have made this Independent energized about the McCain/Palin ticket. Please, please keep up the smear campaign because you are going to smear her right into the Whitehouse!
GO PALIN! Go all the way to the Whitehouse, Sarah!!

9/03/2008 5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't disagree with some of what you've said, however, please think long and hard about what might happen if McCain died or was incapacitated and Ms.Palin became the President. Do you really want her to be President? Really and truly?

9/03/2008 9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our WHOLE family (all 82 of us) really, really want the ticket switched ~ Palin/McCain!!
She knocked our socks off last night! Amid a smear campaign, recently given birth, coping with raising a disabled child, coping with a teen-aged daughter pregnancy, all this while running for VP and out comes Sarah, cool, calm, collected, poised, articulate, and she delivers a WOW speech! Yes, yes, she'd have my vote. I don't know many men who could withstand what she's going through with such courage. Her coping skills under pressure are obviously magnificent! I didn't hear her whine once! She came out swinging. Good for her! Love it!!

9/04/2008 9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I am an independent voter, with five children. I believe that Govenor Palin is a very intelligent woman, however, she is putting her personal ambitions ahead of her family. The Republican slogan for the convention should not be country first, but rather, family first. The media is elevating her as though she is running for the position of President of the United States. There is no way that Govenor Palin could be on call 24/7, 365 days a year and properly attend to the needs of a handicapped child, and another young child. She is being used by Senator McCain to draw the conservative votes. If Senator McCain really cared about Govenor Palin, he would not have put her in a position to have her personal family matters exposed, and her daughter being taunted. What if the McCain/Palin ticket looses? Governor Palin will loose the most, with her family and extended family's private matters exposed.

9/04/2008 4:00 PM  
Anonymous katie said...

Governor Palin and her family will be just fine. If by some chance McCain doesn't make it to the Whitehouse,the Palin's will go back to Alaska and take up their lives, raise their babies, enjoy their family, and Sarah will continue the good work she is doing for Alaska. But nice of you to be so 'concerned' for her welfare and the welfare of her family (NOT!)
You are all so transparent. And America is not responding to it anymore.

9/05/2008 4:59 AM  
Blogger John Nail said...

Levi with Bristol kissing Trig:


This looks like a happy young couple and their son, not a big sister and her fiancee with his brother in law.

9/06/2008 2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anders said...

For moron John: Just saw a documentary on TV about Governor Palin, it was taped just before Trig was born ~ BIG belly, full face. Sarah Palin was pregnant with Trig NOT Bristol.
Looked like a happy young couple loving a child born to mother and future mother-in-law and happily anticipating their own bundle of joy. Looks like you are reaching far and wide, looks like you don't have a brain. Looks like lots of people can't stand Sarah's success. Looks like you are all running scared, as you should be. Sarah's gonna skyrocket.

9/06/2008 7:52 PM  
Blogger John Nail said...

Anders - Afraid... of this kook? Please..far from a Moron as well..sh*t for brains

The truth is simple and being avoided.

Keep believing the lies (like John Edwards??)...I saw it too - the pregnancy suit and a few pounds gained and she looks right...

Ask yourself the questions about her irresponsible travel endangering the child, her daughter out of school...

Then look at the pics right after and she was never pregnant. Shoe us the proof, not all this obfuscation...

9/08/2008 6:17 PM  
Anonymous katie said...

Morons ~ where's the proof that Trig is Bristol's baby?
proof ~ not rumors, not made up stories ~ proof.
I haven't seen one evidence of proof. How do you know it was a pregnancy suit? You have proof? I'll be anxiously awaiting ~ show us the proof not all this obfuscation.
I'm really loving all this. You have succeeded in boosting the McCain/Palin ticket. This is fun!

9/09/2008 4:12 PM  
Anonymous Inside Source said...

Senetor Palin was only chosen for the womens vote. If Hilary was chosen VP for the democrates, McCain had another choice on hand. The reason Palin doesn't step in front of reporters is because she is going through extensive training on how to answer all the questions she's going to be asked. She is AMAZING at reading a speech!! But start asking her questions at this point she will fold like a beach chair. Sorry to disappoint you Palin supporters but she's not the real deal!

9/10/2008 7:53 AM  

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