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Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Gear Junkies" Editorial of the Week - by Patti Greene

"Gear Junkies" is the free, premier weekly newsletter sent via email to the Alaska music community. In each issue, the Goddess of the Alaska Music Scene, Patti Greene, writes an editorial on "music politics" and we post it here!

Today's piece updates the debate of April 25th when the Daily News thought they would have to do away with the music calendar to save pages/money. Well, all of those emails and phone calls definitely did something!

Patti's Note:

An Update:
In today's Anchorage Daily News you'll see the new, improved "SoundCheck" entertainment section, prominently located on p. 2, inside the front cover, on the same page with the touring shows. This works really well for a number of reasons: it's compact, easy to understand, conveys all the club info, and lists the local entertainers on the same page with the touring acts. Some could say that's actually a promotion as it raises our visibility considerably.

You bet I'll be sending a thank-you note to ADN editor Pat Dougherty PDougherty@adn.com, Play Section editor Josh Niva jniva@adn.com and Calendar Goddess Jessica Bowman play@adn.com. I invite you to do the same if you have a minute.

Thanks for joining in the discussion. It all works pretty well when we refrain from hitting or biting. That applies to everything from ordering French onion soup to diversifying an economy in a changing marketplace. ----- patti.


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