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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things to check out while in Denver

http://www.sustainablelivingassociation.org/ Every year the Rocky Mountain Substainable Living Association hosts a fair in Fort Collins. The event features vendors and educators in the substainable living movement. This past year I attended the event and watched demos on strawbale construction, biodiesel, beekeeping, CSA's, and Wind turbine construction. They also sponsor the Be Local Coupon book, which encourages people to shop at locally owned businesses. This year -beginning Summer through Fall 2008 they are expanding their operations to include workshops in substainable living.

http://www.workshopforwomen.com/ Judy Browne is associated with the Denver Habitat for Humanity chapter and Women Build. The women build projects have a large pool of skilled volunteeers, and build at least one home project each year with a women only work force. Judy teaches classes in Denver on basic home repair, construction, and maintenence. The classes are geared to the novice to allow a transition from watching HGTV to actually participating in the builds. :>

http://www.dug.org/ Denver Urban Gardens sponsors local community gardenening throughout the Denver region. The plots of land allow low to moderate income urban residents to supplement their diet with food grown in the gardens and build and improve their community. They also provide training and education of gardeners, school groups and community based programs for youths and adults. Each year they provide free vegetable seeds and transplants to many residents of the city.



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