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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A mid-week trip through Alaska's Progressive blogosphere...

I've been too excited to really buckle down and do the kind of researchy-type post that I'd like to do. Plus, I've actually had work to do...the kind that generates household cash-flow.

So, I went around and visited some of my favorite fellow-Alaskan blogs and tonight they all have some really great posts!

Philip at Progressive Alaska has had a busy couple of days. Yesterday, he actually posted a guest piece by our favorite 6th Beatle, Vic Kohring, who proceeded to tell us all how that bribery on video was a misunderstanding and that he's totally innocent and shouldn't go to jail.

Yeah, OK...but it was still one heckuva good scoop, Phil!

He also did a nice article on Diane Benson's feature on the Truthout website called "Women in the Running.". Oh yeah, in the piece he did on Ron Senungetuk becoming this year's Rasmuson Foundation Distinguished Artist, he casually mentioned at the bottom: "I was honored with a fellowship that will help me in my work on six ongoing or projected compositions."

Congratulations, Philip!

Moving on to the other blogs, it's polar bears, polar bears, polar bears and the reactions to their new-found 'Threatened' status.

First, we have the serious take. Alaska Politics blog has a story highlighting the reactions of all three very unhappy members of the Congretional Delegation, one less-unhappy Governor and some semi-unhappy conservationists. (Some in the administration are trying to lessen the coverage the polar bears will receive.) Next, we have some humor. Myster at Own the Sidewalk talks about the new "Polar Bear Disneyland" our Congressional Delegation believes we will soon be building. Ishmael at Kodiak Konfidential chooses to look at it through the eyes of a gamer. My kind of guy!!!!

Last but not least our travels take us to that trendy town called "Bent Alaska". (OK, it's not really a town, but it should be.) E. Ross discusses Michigan's same-sex marriage ban and how the State Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the ban: "...prevents governments and universities from providing health insurance to the partners of gay and lesbian workers..." It compared that ruling to the 2005 ruling in Alaska where:
The court unanimously agreed, stating that "denying benefits to the same-sex domestic partners who are absolutely ineligible to become spouses has no demonstrated relationship to the interest of promoting marriage."

Clearly Michigan is a little behind.


Blogger E. Ross said...

Alaska is ahead of Michigan on partner benefits, but the big news today is in California - we won marriage equality!! Full, recognized marriage, with the word "marriage." No more "separate but equal" BS. The largest state in the country will offer us valid state marriage licenses in 30 days. We won, we won, we won!

5/15/2008 12:54 PM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

I saw that and I couldn't be happier!!!!!

5/15/2008 1:35 PM  

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