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Friday, April 25, 2008

"Gear Junkies" Editorial of the Week - by Patti Greene

"Gear Junkies" is the free, premier weekly newsletter sent via email to the Alaska music community. In each issue, the Goddess of the Anchorage Music Scene, Patti Greene, writes an editorial and we'll be posting it!

We're Not Gonna Take It ... Regarding the Anchorage Daily News plan to eliminate the entertainment grid aka "Soundcheck" [ p. 5 in today's Play section]. While it's too soon to know whether our input/opposition has made any real difference, a couple things are immediately clear: ADN's top editor, Pat Dougherty, personally responded to each message, and he heard from a LOT of us from all over Alaska. He didn't really tell us anything and, in some instances, he wasn't even cordial. And given the sheer volume of e-mails we generated, I figure he wasted about a day and a half of ADN's top-brass salary avoiding the real issues and, instead, asking whether we subscribe to his paper. [Yes, I do. What's the %$#! point? Do the 10-year olds have to subscribe in support of the movie listings..?] I'm starting to understand why the ADN has big problems. But maybe what's more important is that we, as a community, found our loud and unified voice -- and hey, we're smart and articulate! and when shoved, baby, we're gonna shove right back. And that's the pony in this big steaming pile of ADN crap! Thanks for being you, Gear Heads. You rock. --- patti


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