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Thursday, May 15, 2008

New GI Bill Passes the House!

256 Yea, 166 Nay, 12 Did Not Vote

HERE is the list of Congressmen and women and how they voted.

Don Young did his job. Good Don!

Per an email from Patrick Cambell of IAVA:
Earlier this week, we told you that the new GI Bill was facing opposition from a small group of Representatives in the House, who were threatening the bill despite its deep bi-partisan support.

We asked for your help, and you stepped up to the plate. Thousands of you took action by calling your Representatives, signing the petition at www.GIBill2008.org, and spreading the word to your friends and neighbors. Today, your dedication paid off and together, we made history.

There's no question that your efforts had an impact. Referring specifically to the group of Representatives that were standing in the way of the bill, known as the Blue Dogs, the Politico, a Washington-insider newspaper, said that "there had been erosion among Blue Dogs in the face of pressure from veterans groups."1 The leadership you demonstrated in fighting for this bill shows that IAVA is a force to be reckoned with.

I wrote about the "Blue Dogs" and how they were holding the Bill hostage on Tuesday. For those of you who used the info I posted to contact them, thank you very much!!! Look what you did!!! You made those bad dogs HEEL!

As our Shannyn Moore on KUDO 1080 might say, this is what comes when you do your daily dose of "Vitamin D...Vitamin Democracy!"


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