Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: I'm in! 3:30pm MST - God bless the Denver PD and the Secret Service

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm in! 3:30pm MST - God bless the Denver PD and the Secret Service

Writing Raven will be posting on the Blue Oasis for the duration for the duration of the Tuesday convention. She will be back posting live on Alaska Real tonight, but all live blogging will be on the Oasis.

3:30 MST- I'm in, but it took quite a while to get in. They seemed to have worked out the kinks in getting people in fast - except bloggers maybe. There was a hiccup in exactly how I was supposed to get in the building. Although I arrived at the arena with (part of) the delegation, I am "press." But a very helpful Denver PD guy spent a whole lot of his own time to make sure I didn't have to take a bus back to the hotel just to get in. It took some discussion and guarantees to the Secret Service to do it, but now I'm in...
The place is about 2/3 full now, and full of energy - though most of it is backstage at the moment. I nearly walked in on an NBC suite, and there's quite a buzz in the room.
By the way, if you're checking in live from Alaska, have you voted?

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Blogger Laz said...

Yes. I voted. When asked by the polling place officials which ballot I preferred I smiled and replied "give me the non-indicted ballot". The four older individuals who I no doubt correctly surmised to be Republicans, were NOT amused even though I certainly was.

Keep up the good work, Diva, Morrigan and Writing Raven... I'll be watching for you on TV.


8/26/2008 3:45 PM  

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