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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dem-Con in Denver-- the overrated, the underrated the superb and the absurd

Alaska Delegates having a blast..they get an A++

Denver--what a cool city! The scenery is beautiful, the weather has been hot, but beautiful, the public transport is clean, fast and efficient. Also, "hot" here is dry like Alaska so 85 degrees is "bearable" to me, unlike in the Midwest.--"A"

Protesters--come on, folks, get some friggin' direction! Even standing outside of MSNBC we see signs about 9/11 "truth," anti-war, environmental stuff, anti-meat...good Lord! Also, way-to-go starting a riot on Monday...at least it gave something for all the police to do!--"C-"

Delegates--all I can say is "WOW" what a bunch of friendly, wonderful people! Writing Raven talked about our experiences on the Light Rail the other day with the Texas Delegates...they literally welcomed us on board with open arms! Everyone I have met has been fabulous and that's a big part of the fun walking around Denver and visiting the various venues--"A+"

The Big Tent--a facinating experiment and a great alternative for those bloggers who are not credentialed and a really nice option for blog teams who don't have enough credentials. Hopefully they'll have worked some of the kinks out (like the sound) by tonight. The workshops during the day are a nice touch as well.-- "B+"

Republican "Rapid Response" Team--So far I've seen a maximum of 15 "NoBama" McCain drones at one time...and Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani showing up at the Dem Convention is nothing less than PA-THE-TIC.-- "F"

P.U.M.A--The "Party Unity My Ass" idiots have managed to get a lot of press considering their threats won't mount to a hill of beans...nor do they have the support they claim. I've seen one sorry woman with a stack of fliers.-- "F-"

To be continued...

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