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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blue Red Rocks

Notes from Monocot:

I am somewhat late on posting this. My excuse is the heady mix of caffeine and constant motion from the past few days. Sorry Celtic :>

Team Blue Oasis members Monocot and Writing Raven attended the Host Committee's celebration “Green Sunday” at Red Rocks, Sunday evening. AP video information on the concert is here
Red Rocks is a large amphitheatre style stadium carved out of wait for it…large red rocks.

concert goers at Red Rocks

The show began with Mayor John Hickenlooper; who welcomed everyone to Denver. I’ve heard many mentions in blogs and news articles this week of his unusual last name. For those curious, it means "Hedge Hopper" in Dutch.

Hickenlooper was followed by Sheryl Crow. Crow played several songs and dedicated “Strong Enough” To Obama and Biden. She was the only singer who stayed theme with concert, which was in support of environmental awareness and responsibility. Cheryl Crow told the crowd that: “Obama is a lot like what we heard from Robert Kennedy. No matter what campaign ad we see or how it's spun, hope is important.”

Will Ferrell treated everyone to a filmed video impression of George Bush. It was similar to performances he has done in the past such as Here . The performance was a crowd favorite, with many jeers, cheers, and laughs. Other video performances included the Blue Man Group and Ben Harper. Country band Sugarland also performed.

The most electrifying speaker of the night was environmental advocate Robert Kennedy Jr. For those that may not know, Robert Kennedy Jr. suffers from spasmodic dysphonia. A friend of mine in Jacksonville suffers from the same disorder. Every time I hear Kennedy give a speech, I am awestruck over his dedication and tenacity. Kennedy welcomed the crowd to the amphitheatre and talked about the origins of Red Rocks. Red Rocks was a government project sponsored by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and the Work Projects Administration.

Kennedy prior to his speech

Kennedy then spoke of a trip he made as a child with his famous father. “I saw as a little boy in the faces of those vast crowds of hundreds of thousands of people the hope for leadership for the United States of America. Not to just do good things for our country but to do great things for all of humanity.” If you can find the entirety of speech transcribed anywhere on the internet, I highly recommend it.

Governor Kaine introduced fellow Virginian Dave Matthews. Dave referenced the recent death of bandmate Leroi Moore by apologizing for his hoarse voice. “It’s been a rough week”, he said.


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