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Sunday, August 24, 2008

DNCC Media Party--first event of the Convention!

I've been trying to take it easy this weekend. Got up at 5:30 Alaska time this morning...blogged and went swimming. Then we geared up to hit the DNCC kick-off event which was the media party.

So it turned out that Writing Raven, Morrigan and I were the ones that got to venture to Elitch Gardens (formerly "Six Flags") for the big media event. I tried to get more "credentials" because Kim and Eric also blog on Blue Oasis, but they wouldn't do it. I literally begged for Morrigan's pass and the kind women took pity on me.

Of course, we were hoping to see some of our favorites (Oh, Keith...).

It turned out to be mostly an opportunity for us to have fun!

First, there was a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem by the "Phamily"--a organization of folks with disabilities.

There was a wonderful session of Native American drumming and dancing.

And then we had introductions of the Host Committee and speeches from Mayor Higgenlooper and Governor Ritter.

And then...the party!

We noticed that there didn't seem to be folks we could identify by name...probably reporters for the bigger networks who we'd seen before but just didn't know who they were. We also saw a lot of delegates and probably techies!

Oh yeah...did I mention the food?

And the rides? I was really glad I got Morrigan in...this was probably the only real "fun" DNCC event for a 10-year-old!

Tomorrow is very much up in the air as to what the schedule is going to be. I know for sure that I'm heading to the Big Tent at about 3:30 to meet up with a bunch of the other State Bloggers...important strategy session, which I believe may involve some type of alcholic beverages on their part. Seriously, we are going to pick up our credentials and then discuss what events we each thing are worthwhile to cover. That's probably when I make some decisions as what I'll fit into the schedule...and how Raven and I will split some stuff up.

Hope everyone is doing well there...the weather has been kind so far...about 75 degrees today.

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Blogger Gryphen said...

Diva did you mention you might actually see Keith Olbermann?

Listen if you actually get to see the bravest man in the MSM I ask you to SPARE NO DEAIL when you blog about it. I LOVE Mr. Olbermann, and want to know everything that you see.

Remember we are living vicariously through you.

Also Comedy Central is going to be there. So if you happen to see the great Jon Stewart, well forget Olbermann, because I have to hear EVERY POSSIBLE DETAIL about the greatest man on cable. Jon Stewart is a God in my house.

I hope you have fun.

8/24/2008 6:05 AM  
Blogger angela said...

Hey CD
Gee what a nice post. Did you make it past the bracides, and is Blackwater manning them? Did your 'credentials' get you though the fences, the freespeech cages? Did you check you bags for those items that the Denver police class as weapons?

These items include bricks piled in someone’s yard (I sure hope no one was planning to do any masonry, say fixing up that patio you’ve dreamed about for the past few paychecks), as well as baseball helmets and catchers’ safety gear (beware “soccer-moms,” the cops may accuse you of being a ‘violent protester’ if you should so happen to be driving a minivan full of baseball equipment on your way to pick up the team), and most certainly we can’t forget about bicycles – they already banned carabiners and U-locks through City Council – that’s right…now they are listing actual bicycles as items that ‘violent protesters’ use to “blockade sidewalks.” They are claiming that sticks used for mounting signs (a constitutionally protected form of free speech, not to mention a time honored American tradition) are some sort of weapon, and to top it all off…maps. That’s right, maps, not with any particular markings or anything specific…just plain maps. Maps are used to find your way around, and those who come from out of town – such as Democratic Party delegates and tourists – will likely be carrying maps. Hand held radios, cell phones, what’s the difference?
Will you even see any protesters? How does martial law feel? All safe and cozy? How about some pictures of cops cracking heads. Pictures of the cages, barbed wire and warnings about being tassed for protesting your arrest, wanting a lawyer?
I await your next post.

8/24/2008 12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you will mention the Mayor of Denver again, and next time I hope you spell Hickenlooper correctly. Unless,of course, it was some kind of editorial comment or poetic license, then sorry I didn't get it, but I'm sure it was really clever anyway. Let's have a bit more detail, however. It is interesting so far, but there is not enough of it. Don't be a slacker.

8/25/2008 5:41 AM  

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