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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A quick post about Begich and the annoying, biting insect called Ray Metcalfe

Running for office, he is...fooled you into thinking he's a real candidate, he has

No, I don't have time for this today but I couldn't help it...much of my respect for Ray Metcalfe is eroding after the crap he's pulling in regards to Mark Begich.

The latest is in regards to the debate on KAKM:
...Ray Metcalfe told Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich he suspected him of taking a bribe from developers.

Metcalfe said he doesn’t believe Begich’s statement that he received an interest in the Midtown Calais Towers as compensation for a reduced commission for a 2002 real estate deal.

Metcalfe said he’s long been in the real estate business.

“I’ve never seen anybody pay a real estate commission in the manner that you described it and I don’t buy it…I’m asking you to meet your commitments of openness by dispelling my suspicions of bribery and by allowing the public to see your 2002 tax returns and your broker’s information showing where it went through your broker,” Metcalfe said.

Begich said he’s answered the question. He said he was in the real estate business at the time, not in office, and “was paid a reduced commission of $22,000 for that transaction you talk about, a couple of months later I received a share of the Calais buildings…everything about me is an open book,” he said.

I couldn't take it anymore so I posted this on the ADN Alaska Politics blog comments:
Ray, you know damn well why this will never amount to anything: Begich was not in office at the time.

Not in office=no bribe.

Not only was he NOT in office, let's not forget that Begich only won the 2003 election by 11 votes over the number needed to win--there was NO WAY to guarantee or predict that he WOULD be in office!

If it was meant as a "bribe," that would make Rubini kind-of stupid, no?

Gee, Ray, a jeweler friend of mine made me two necklace and earring sets in exchange for advertising on my blog. Oooooh Nooooo...she threw in a couple of extra necklaces for my daughter and I've thought about maybe, possibly running for office in 2010!!!

Does that look like a bribe to you? Quick, get the 'cuffs!

(Actually, I think the correct "b" word here is "barter.")

Another important point: you can demand to see his tax returns or other financial records from 2002 all you want...you are not entitled to those records as none of us are entitled to the records of any private citizen. If you have a problem, take it up with the IRS who are the only ones entitled to that information. I'm betting you already did, though, and they threw it back at you as did everyone else.

For the record, I wouldn't open up my private finances to any non-friendly type demanding to see them. I have nothing to hide it would be purely on principle and the fact that it sets a dangerous precedent regarding privacy. I think most Alaskans feel the same way. If I were Begich, I'd have told you to "get stuffed" a long time ago but he's a lot nicer than I am.

Speaking of principle, Ray, did you ever take care of that "little problem" you were having with the FEC?

Not long ago a dear, honorable friend of mine was running against someone for a president's position in a non-profit. His conniving opponent spread unfounded accusations far and wide about about the finances of my friend's own non-profit and demanded to see his records.

Problem: no one except the IRS is entitled to the financial records of a non-profit as they are private...like a private citizen.

I'm guessing his opponent was copying a page from your playbook.

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