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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Democratic Convention Security in Denver -- Fact and Fiction

Several of Denver's Finest engaging in some friendly banter...with Kim, Raven and Morrigan of Team Blue Oasis in the background

I got this in the comments on my post about last night's media party:
angela said...

Hey CD

Gee what a nice post. Did you make it past the bracides, and is Blackwater manning them? Did your 'credentials' get you though the fences, the freespeech cages? Did you check you bags for those items that the Denver police class as weapons?

These items include bricks piled in someone’s yard (I sure hope no one was planning to do any masonry, say fixing up that patio you’ve dreamed about for the past few paychecks), as well as baseball helmets and catchers’ safety gear (beware “soccer-moms,” the cops may accuse you of being a ‘violent protester’ if you should so happen to be driving a minivan full of baseball equipment on your way to pick up the team), and most certainly we can’t forget about bicycles – they already banned carabiners and U-locks through City Council – that’s right…now they are listing actual bicycles as items that ‘violent protesters’ use to “blockade sidewalks.” They are claiming that sticks used for mounting signs (a constitutionally protected form of free speech, not to mention a time honored American tradition) are some sort of weapon, and to top it all off…maps. That’s right, maps, not with any particular markings or anything specific…just plain maps. Maps are used to find your way around, and those who come from out of town – such as Democratic Party delegates and tourists – will likely be carrying maps. Hand held radios, cell phones, what’s the difference?

Will you even see any protesters? How does martial law feel? All safe and cozy? How about some pictures of cops cracking heads. Pictures of the cages, barbed wire and warnings about being tassed for protesting your arrest, wanting a lawyer?
I await your next post.

Does this look like the face of martial law????

First off, my suggestion would be to source the original article so that people can read the actual bulletin , not someone's blog post about the original article.

Secondly, it's important to note on the bulletin (easy to do considering it's bolded and underlined) where it says "be alert for medium and large numbers of these items that seem out of place for its location." A van full of sports equipment heading to a game isn't exactly a) laying around on the protest path or b) "out of place for its location." Neither are bricks in a yard. (P.S. My friends here in Denver also say that if someone can transport their yard full of bricks into downtown Denver, that would not only be a "concern" it would also be a helluva trick. This isn't Anchorage...their zoning laws are strict.)

Note the "Denver Police" patches

Thirdly, every bit of "security" I've seen so far (since I'm here, I'm actually seeing it) has been the Denver Police Department. Suggesting that "Blackwater" has anything to do with this event makes me think that you must be confusing it with the Republican National Convention. That's in September in Minnesota, FYI.

Peaceful protesters, peaceful police

Lastly, witness a protest in Denver and please let me know if anyone is hauled away for signs, maps or anything else they are carrying. I witnessed one today (Raven has much better pictures that she'll post later) that went round and 'round where the shuttles were supposed to run by the Sheraton (media credential hotel.) No one...no one was arrested that I could see. Huge numbers of police did follow them on bikes, horses and on foot but nothing happened.

However, the protesters did manage to shut down the shuttles so that a bunch of us (including disabled folks) were stranded and unable to go to the Big Tent or the Pepsi Center.

As a matter of fact, read some of the angry posts from the blogs that are here...blogs who are usually friendly to protesting. We all believe, however, that it should have a point...otherwise it's kind of embarassing. None of us understand exactly what your protesters are trying to do. There are signs regarding every conceivable issue out there (including the way-out-in-left-field issues) so there is no cohesive message. All they are doing is mostly making it very difficult for Democratic Delegates and Bloggers...you know, people who are on the same side as the protesters on most issues...to get to the places they are supposed to go and do the jobs they are here to do.

I hope you do continue to read, Angela, and I welcome your comments, whether I agree or not.

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Blogger angela said...

Hey CD,
I surprised that you included the whole of my comment. And I did read the "original article" The cops are looking for protesters with, gasp! Maps!

Maps: Maps are frequently used by violent protesters to plan direct actions
against conventioneers.

And Bicycles!!
Bicycles: Bicycles are used to blockade sidewalks and can be used to
slow down responding emergency vehicles.

This is only an excuse of course, so that the cops can arrest on the flimsy base of their list of protest dangers.

Oh the the protest you and Raven saw, there was an arrest. Of a 12 year old boy.

As for your happy officer friendly pictures, the week has but begun. Any guesses on how much money the DPD got from Homeland Security? I suggest that you keep checking on the reports on http://indymedia.us

Indymedia reporters are in the streets, you are walking though the gate with your pass. Change will happen from the street up. Not from ANY political party. That is the point. And yes, change might make you miss your bus. Dang.

8/24/2008 11:20 PM  

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