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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Andrew Halcro = best sources--Sarah Palin admits Monegan was pressured to fire Wooten AND she DID pay-off Chuck Kopp!


HERE is the raw feed from Palin's press conference courtesy of Alaska Politics.

Two stories on Halcro's Blog that I've been watching the last several days:

1) You say potato...I say loose ends
Reportedly the Department of Law put acting commissioner John Glass under oath and questioned him yesterday.

So if this really is the excuse the Palin administration is using to explain very questionable behavior, that Branchflower requested it, then the press needs to find out if they questioned the governor and her staff under oath about Monegan's firing.

2) Hush Money?

Yesterday I received an email from a unknown reader who asked if I could put them in touch with the special investigator who was hired to investigate the firing of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan.

His email stated "I have a bit of information for him that he might find interesting in his investigation. It relates to a payment made to Chuck Kopp by the AG's office."

Halcro's sources were correct and now we know (sorta) why Palin was "questioning" everyone.
Gov. Sarah Palin says a recently discovered conversation recording one of her staffers pressuring the Department of Public Safety to fire a state trooper who went through a bitter divorce with her sister will be turned over to a legislative investigator.

Palin has been under heavy criticism since firing former Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan.

In addition, the state paid a $10,000.00 severance package to Monegan's replacement, Chuck Kopp, the former Kenai police chief who resigned under pressure last month, according to Attorney Gen. Talis Colberg. That's in addition to his salary, he said.

So my question-- was the real reason for her internal investigation that she could find out how many folks had heard about the phone calls from her Administration so that she could figure out the best ways to do damage control? I don't believe for a second that she was learning about all of this the first time.

HERE is the severance agreement with Kopp, which includes mention of the $10,000.00.

HERE you can find the phone call of the man chosen to fall on his sword, Frank Bailey.

And please, Sarah claims that she didn't tell Frank to do this...except that here's what the recording caught:
Bailey says: "Todd and Sarah are scratching their heads, you know: Why on earth, why is this guy still representing the department, he's a horrible recruiting tool. And from their perspective, everybody's protecting him."

And later: “She (Palin) really likes Walt a lot, but on this issue she feels like it’s, she doesn’t know why there’s absolutely no action for a year … it’s very troubling to her and the family. I can definitely relay that.”

Yup...all on his own...no influence from the Palins at all.

It's getting harder and harder to swallow Palin's assertion that the Wooten issue had nothing to do with Monegan's firing.

Let's also be clear on another issue--Palin's sister has been divorced from Trooper Wooten for a few years now. There can only be a couple of reasons this has continued with the intensity we have seen:

1) The "Heath Clan" wants "hillbilly justice" by crushing the man who cheated on one of their little princesses

2) If he loses his job, it's a good bet he'd lose standing in the custody of his kids.

Either one of those reasons are disgusting and as things have developed, both of those reasons are very plausible. Alaska needs to ask if we are going to accept that kind of abuse of power from our Governor?

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Blogger Art Vandelay said...

I have a few comments.
1. The application disclosure. Just because you're rated in the military for a so called disability doesn't mean you're not able bodied. The military disability rating system was designed so you could go to the VA for care at some future date if necessary. There are rating disabilities from 0 to 100%. Many military people have a rating but it doesn't mean they can't do their job.
2. If Walt was such a bad performer and "team player" why was he offerred the ABC job? I mean, if you had a shitty worker would you demote them or just fire them?
3. I think a 7th grader could figure out that all of Palin's staff members calling and telling Monegan's subordinates that "the governor really likes Walt" except for this one thing can figure out that it's fire Wooten or risk your job. In the end Walt lost his job.
4. Finally readers need to realize that Col. Grimers had already punished Wooten by the time Monegan came into office. It was just that that punishment didn't satisfy the Heaths and Palins.

This really looks like abuse of power to me. Now we have the severance pay issue and I'm actually OK with that. I'm not OK with the DOL investigating the firing when the special investigator hasn't even started.

Palin should have just minded her job and not pull this Nixon like crap.

8/13/2008 8:08 PM  
Blogger Myster said...

Excellent point on #4, Art. That's what everyone who is blindly supporting Palin needs to understand. Yes, Wooten is guilty of behavior not befitting a Trooper, and he was disciplined at the time. You cannot go back in time and punish someone again just because there's a new sheriff (or governor) in town. So all the "but he tasered his kid and she had every right to go after him" arguments popping up in the comments on ADN are moot.

8/13/2008 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palin investigation of DPS........WHO IS TALKING TO HALCRO?

8/13/2008 10:13 PM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

Art--I was a Fed civilian working for the Army long enough to know that about disability. One female veteran I knew was injured and had to have a gland removed (don't remember which one), which meant she had to be on medication for the rest of her life but she could still work. That earned her a 10 pt. disability.

I agree with the rest of yours and Myster's assessments as well.

Anon--rofl--I'm glad SOMEONE is talking to Halcro!

8/13/2008 10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As to who is talking to Andrew? By the sounds of it, a lot of people. Thank God too, as all of the other mainstream media are either failing to follow up on leads, don't have the same quality of contacts to generate those leads or only cover stories on their favorite folks when they are shamed into it.

8/14/2008 1:30 PM  
Anonymous Visitor said...

I, for one, am not willing to accept that kind of abuse of power from the Governor.

8/14/2008 10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Vandalay, are you still a latex salesman?

8/14/2008 11:40 PM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

Oooh...latex? **raises eyebrow**

8/15/2008 12:00 AM  

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