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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Focus on the Family's "intimidation through 'prayer'" part II: "Fixing" Gays in Anchorage this September!

I mentioned in a previous post (hat tip, Kaerick) about FotF's most recent call for un-Christian prayer--praying for a "downpour of Biblical proportions" during Obama's nomination speech at Invesco Field.


Well, E Ross over at Bent, Alaska has discovered that tourist season is running a little later this year, at least for the "Ex-Gay Industry"
The anti-gay groups Focus on the Family and Exodus International are bringing their de-gaying conference to Anchorage's Abbott Loop Community Church on September 13, 2008.
"Are you concerned about the growing prevalence of homosexuality in our society? Focus on the Family cares and wants to equip you with the tools necessary to show the love of Christ to those affected by homosexuality. That's why Focus on the Family has created the Love Won Out conference. This dynamic one-day seminar comprehensively addresses the issue of homosexuality."

The conference agenda explains that "same-sex attraction is a preventable and treatable condition." Personal testimonies by supposed ex-gays teach us how to 'pray away the gay' and maintain a heterosexual lifestyle.

General sessions describe the "root causes" of male homosexuality ("the family dynamics that can lead to the development of same-sex desires") and female homosexuality ("relational deficits, gender identity rejection, and sexual abuse. The heart of lesbianism, emotional dependency, will be highlighted and defined.")

Most of the breakout sessions teach the local evangelicals how to oppose LGBT civil rights.

In the second installment on the "Focus on the Family" visit, Bent, Alaska describes ways that other communities have approached the "Ex-Gay" conference. The above video is just one example of how PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) peacefully dealt with it in Orlando, Florida. The video below is a press conference in Orlando where Wayne Besen of "Truth Wins Out" exposes the harmful "ex-gay" industry. According to E Ross, Wayne Besen has agreed to come up here with his presentation.

As mentioned on Bent, Alaska--September is the Mayor's Diversity Month and his next (last) organizing meeting for that is August 21. I have been thinking about Alaska bloggers having a "Bloggers Diversity Week" in September with each day a different diversity issue. I nominate September 13, 2008 GLBT Day!

Anyway, post at one of the links to let the folks at Bent, Alaska know you want to help. Or, you can just go ahead and comment here. I'll let them know.

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Blogger Steve said...

Wow. How Christian. I'm glad that I'm Pagan and inclusive.

8/10/2008 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Tea N Crumpet said...

I'm Christian and this is fucked up. Maybe they can pray away someone's skin color next.

The problem with mainstream Christianity is that it's turned into a marketing ploy and like many marketing projects, it preys on people's fears. 25 years ago I was in a parochial school and my mother took me out when they started showing "Witness at Your Door" and "The God Makers." (Anti-Mormon.) Uptight in-duh-viduals who normally didn't swear were making jokes from the pulpit about the profanity they yelled at these clean-cut, nice kids. Repressed anger? It was screwy. 25 years ago it was the JW's and Mormons, now it's Pray Away the Gay. What's up in 10 more years?

I think that at the Unitarian Church that they need to bring up a few gay and straight couples to lead a marriage seminar that weekend and invite the press. Wasn't there a gay couple when gay marriage started up here that had been together for 25 years? I thought that was nice. :) I'd love to hear thier thoughts on marriage an I think we'd go!

8/10/2008 3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Anchorage UU Fellowship just had a Gay Pride Sunday which included a great panel discussion about GLBT issues with 4 speakers touching on various issues. I know that they plan to have a couple of the speakers return to give more extensive presentations in the coming months. You can check their ad in the Saturday ADN, or look at the newsletter on their website: http://www.anchorageuuf.org

I'm half tempted to attend this thing just to see what they actually say. I'd need lots of Pepto Bismol to make it through.

8/10/2008 8:24 PM  
Blogger Grimbles said...

Huzzah for pre-modern understanding of God, Christianity and the world in general. Ok, some people are just hateful and use God as an excuse. Some people just don't know any other God. Forget 'de-gay'ing, lets try for some 'de-fundamentalist'ing.

8/10/2008 8:36 PM  
Blogger E. Ross said...

"Bloggers Diversity Week" is an excellent idea! Thanks for all the help dealing with the homophobes - you're wonderful. So, what issues will we do on the the other days?

8/10/2008 11:04 PM  

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