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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

4:30pm MST - Who's the rock star?

Who got the whole crowd on their feet?

It's Kucinich!

No doubt he will get overshadowed in the news by Hillary, coming on in prime time, but his "Wake up America!" sure got everyone fired up. If you can, find a YouTube video of his speech.

The Black Caucus led the memorial moments for Tubbs-Jones, the congresswoman who recently died. Although the whole time was meant to highlight those who passed away in the past year, Tubbs-Jones was given some special moments of her own.

The Alaskan delegates have been pretty popular here. Pictures, requests for interviews, or just shouts of, "Hey! You from Alaska??" are heard round the room.

Alaskan press!
We didn't think there were any members of the mainstream Alaskan press here - just bloggers! - but Tim from Cordova showed up. He heard of someone from the Juneau Empire showing up, but hasn't seen a trace yet.

Know why it's not televised?
There's no one here.
All right - not totally true - most delegates are networking, finding out schedules, coordinating who knows what. It's filling up slowly, but the cameras tend to angle it so all these empty seats don't show up.

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