Monday, May 19, 2008


WOOOOT!!!!! Per the Alaska Politics Blog:
The last two uncommitted Alaska Democratic Party superdelegates are off the fence and going for Barack Obama.

Cindy Spanyers of Juneau and Blake Johnson of Kenai announced their choice today.
Gee...oh look...if I would have checked my email...
Anchorage - Alaska National Committee Woman Cindy Spanyers and Alaska Democratic Party First Vice Chair Blake Johnson announced their support today for Barack Obama to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for President.

“Senator Obama is committed to Alaskans and establishing important ties to the state. He recognizes Alaska’s role in our future in energy and is sensitive to the challenges we face due to high-energy costs across the state, from Juneau to Fairbanks and across rural Alaska,” said Spanyers.

Pete Rouse, Senator Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff, also lived in Alaska for four years.

Alaskans responded overwhelmingly to his campaign in February, coming out in droves in sub-zero weather. His candidacy captured the imagination of thousands of new voters, including Republicans and non-partisans who responded to his message of change. On the night of the February 5 caucuses in Alaska, Senator Obama won 6,674 votes while the Republican nominee, John McCain, tallied 1,894 votes.

McCain has often been critical of Alaskan priorities including calling power-cost equalization program “objectionable” and questioning monies for the Denali Commission (John McCain for Senate 2004 – 11/19/2003)

The Barack Obama campaign has pledged to send Senator Obama to Alaska this fall for a brief stop, if possible, as well as a longer follow-up visit to the state after the November elections, Spanyers and Johnson said.

Senator Obama will work to end the war in Iraq; provide affordable health care to all Americans; and strengthen our economy by creating good paying jobs.

Spanyers and Johnson said they are endorsing Senator Obama because he will move the country in a new direction and because he understands Alaska and will include Alaska’s voice in his national administration.

Spanyers of Juneau and Johnson of Kenai were previously uncommitted. They are two of Alaska’s four so-called “Super” Delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Alaska’s Super Delegate count now reflects the vote at the state’s Feb. 5 caucuses, when Obama received 75% and Hillary Clinton 25% of the state convention delegates elected. Alaska’s two other Super Delegates previously announced their support - Democratic Party Chair Patti Higgins of Anchorage for Senator Hillary Clinton and National Committee Man John Davies of Fairbanks for Senator Obama.

This is really good news! I suspect that the promise to visit helped make their decision to announce today...works for me!

I think that this is actually the last day that our delegates could do this and still get some press. It will be over by tomorrow.


Anonymous marcus said...

celebration! Obama's visit to Oregon yesterday drew 75,000 people to the waterfront of Portland. I think its safe to say a visit to Anchorage by Obama would make for the largest collection of Alaskans ever in state history. And yet this is a democrat... in Alaska. I could imagine Hickel and Knowles would be on stage with him... now I'm just day dreaming!

5/19/2008 4:26 PM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

...wonder if we could get Arliss too???

5/19/2008 4:39 PM  
Blogger Myster said...

Have you seen the ADN reader comments on the story? Even more heinous than usual. I can't decide if it's better to read them and know what's out there, or avoid them and keep pretending it's possible to talk about politics without employing insults and/or bigotry.

5/20/2008 8:05 AM  

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