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Monday, May 19, 2008

One more smack at that dead horse...my final comments about the State Blogger selection issue

I've been blogging this weekend about the State Blogger issue and the AfroSpear folks who have lodged a protest with the DNC. They are alleging a purposeful decision on behalf of the DNC to shut out black bloggers from the State Blogroll.

Other bloggers have weighed in on this issue as well and while we don't necessarily agree with everything, most people don't seem to feel like there was any purposeful intent on behalf of the DNC to exclude minorities.

Separate from ethnicity, in the selection of some bloggers over others did politics come into play? I have no doubt of that.

Should this issue be discussed and dealt with in some way before next time? Absolutely!

After several days of allowing my anger to cool while reading some less-offensive posts and comments on the topic, I've become determined that this issue is something that we as bloggers can work harder to solve ourselves.

My comment on "Pandagon".
I find myself on kind-of the opposite side of this type of discussion from where I usually am.

I have found that in Alaska I've not been able to find ANYONE who is willing to make the committment to contribute to my blog. I especially want someone from the Alaska Native community to blog more authoritatively on Native issues. Generally, that person needs to have the type of career (or lack of career) that allows for that kind of time and so far I've not been successful. I'm hoping that the increased exposure as part of the Blog Corps will help bring someone who is interested to me.

While it's obvious that the tone used by certain members of the AfroSpear has rubbed me the wrong way, I can see the benefit of raising this issue in the first place. Hopefully, it will encourage other minority bloggers to start their own state-focused blogs, shift the focus from an already-established blog towards state issues or sign on as contributors to some of the large state-oriented blogs. My opinion: we have a plethora of truly excellent blogs that effectively cover national issues and/or are specific-issue-oriented. How POCs are going to make a difference is state-to-state...Barack Obama has proven that Howard Dean's philosophy works. I believe that is the point of the State Blogger Corps and I hope that is the message that people take away from all of this.
I believe I've discovered my topic for the next Daily News column...and maybe I'll find some excellent contributors out of it.


Blogger Pam Spaulding said...

Thanks for emailing me to start the discussion of this on Pandagon and PHB, Linda. I have another post up today, The DNCC state blog dustup continues. It delves into the perspective and communication gaps that have made this whole thing frustrating and interesting - and an example of the kind of dialogue that usually finds me square in the middle of camps.

I don't see a grand conspiracy by the DNCC creating the lack of POC on the state blogs either. What it seems to be is a poorly thought-out system that, by the demographics and evolution of the most popular state blogs was almost guaranteed to be bring in fewer POC. State blogs need contributions by POC to add that perspective to those blogs, and that has been difficult because of many factors.

I don't see the announcement of the general pool actually ameliorating things in some respect, because inevitably someone will be left off who feels they are deserving and don't make the cut, or the selection process will be too politicized, as we saw with Cotton Mouth, BlueJersey, et. al.

5/20/2008 3:27 AM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

Thank you for taking up the issue and providing balance. I have to admit, it's really easy to get lost in the haze of anger and rhetoric and fail to see the issue it obfuscates.

I posted over on AAPP...kind of a peace-offering...and encouraged established POC blogs in the AfroSpear to switch their focus to state and local issues. As I mentioned "if 100 POC blogs suddenly switched their focus to state and local issues, can you imagine the impact it would have on Congressional races?"

5/20/2008 7:34 AM  
Blogger darylandmelanie said...

Being a novice in the blogverse, I have commented at AAPPs place. It would APPEAR that there would be some inclusion of all minorities most followed(?) blogs at the Denver soiree, a kind of hodgepodge of the most vocal(?), definitely would/could be a diverse contingent.

5/20/2008 10:00 AM  

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