Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: "Medicinal Use of Pot Can Continue"

Friday, July 22, 2005

"Medicinal Use of Pot Can Continue"

Today's Anchorage Daily News :
The state attorney general, David Marquez, has advised the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services that the court's June 6 decision does not forbid the agency from registering medical marijuana users, according to a statement Marquez issued Thursday.

Channel 2 News seems to have a less optimistic view:
It's not clear if federal drug agencies plan to pursue cases against those on the registry who are found with the drug.

However, the Daily News seems to quell that fear:
Federal law enforcement authorities in Alaska said last month that the court's ruling would not lead to increased prosecution of minor users; they're interested in major traffickers. They reiterated that posture Thursday.

I think that a conservative State Attorney General taking this stance under the ultra-conservative Governor Frank Murkowski is a clear signal that the "Legalize Pot" crowd has changed public perception in a subtle but important way. They should continue that direction, pushing for an establishment of some form of effective prescription and over-the-counter THC.

While focusing on FDA regulation as opposed to recreational usage may not serve their immediate desires (and I have noticed that particular crowd having a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot due to a lack of patience and forethought), the most threatening aspect of marijuana to conservatives is the component THC. It would be to pro-legalization's benefit to promote the selling point of THC - its ability to relieve pain without the severe side-effects of other pain medicines. Gain acceptance of that and the rest will eventually follow.


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