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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fred be Thy name...

OK, so I'm trying to get some revenue off of my blog. I applied to Google AdSense to get the whole thing going. It works by identifying key words and targetting ads to what we are writing about. I put the code in my blog. I'm all excited.

All I seem to be getting, though, are references to "Big J!"

OK, I don't mind it within reason - after all, that has been one of the topics on one or two posts. However, it seems that, once one discusses beliefs just once or twice, that's the post the keyword processor seems to focus on. And no offense to the Creator, but those links aren't exactly revenue generators, if ya know what I mean.

My solution?

Start mentioning other religions more, such as Jews and Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Celtic and German Wicca and Paganism. Let's talk about other dieties like Shiva, the Morrigan, Breide and other Celtic goddesses, New Age, crystals, Astrology, etc... I'm not saying that one shouldn't mention Christianity...feel free to talk about the "Son of Man" anytime you want. However, until I can get Google to make the "random" ad generator a little more "random," let's call him "Fred!"

(This post has been brought to you by the Center for the Preservation of Satire)


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