Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: Is civil war on the Iraqi horizon, or are we already there?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Is civil war on the Iraqi horizon, or are we already there?

From the NYT:
Several of the Sunni Arabs pulling out of the committee said they would not return until the Iraqi government, dominated by Shiite Arabs and Kurds, provided adequate security.

The Sunni's make up 1/5 of the Iraqi population. No Constitution will hold up without them on board.
"We have suspended our presence in the constitutional committee meetings for reasons regarding our own security and because of the negligence we are suffering," said Fakhri al-Qaisi, whose political group counts among its members several of the Sunni constitution writers, including those who were killed.

The Administration realizes the importance of Sunni participation as well.
The participation of Sunni Arabs in the drafting of the constitution and full-term elections scheduled for December is considered crucial by the Bush administration, which is aiming to politically co-opt the stubborn Sunni-led insurgency while planting a version of democracy here in the heart of the Middle East.

Unless all major ethnic and religious groups take part in the process, the civil conflict may worsen. If Sunni Arabs, who make up a fifth of the population but dominated the government under Saddam Hussein, feel excluded, they may continue to take up arms against the Shiites, Kurds and Americans.

Is there ANY good news coming out of Iraq?


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