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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Please notice how, when someone yells "Give 'em hell Joe," Sen. Biden goes completely off script and brings up his grandfather's recounting of Harry Truman's response when folks used to say "Give 'em hell Harry."

"I'm not going to give 'em hell, I'm going to give them the truth and they'll think it's hell!."

Let's see what happens when Sarah tries to pull something that good out of her ass.

He's going to kill her in the debates. Folks just need to find a way to get her off script.

Oh, and for the absolute final word on Sarah's speech and that night at the Convention, I finally caught up with my "Daily Show" videos:

He nailed it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

clappity clappity clappity!

9/06/2008 3:17 PM  
Anonymous serena1313 said...

I don't get it! I cannot imagine why anybody would cheer for republicans after all the damage they've done to our country.

John McCain obstructing the troopergate investigation is not change; it is more of the Bush shenanigans. The rule of law does not matter to McCain, but getting elected does!

Change? If that were the case why isn't McCain speaking out against torture, extraordinary renditions, the curbing of our civil liberties, spying on Americans and Bush's incompetence for mishandling Katrina? (Oh maybe the latter is because he and Bush were celebrating McCain's birthday that day.)

McCain uses the word "fight," but as Barbara Boxer pointed out McCain fought "against":

* raising minimum wage 14 times
* veterans rights and education 27 times
* equal pay for women
* women's right to choose
* families getting access to birth control
* Social Security

McCain has voted with Bush 95% of the time in 2007 and 100% in 2008. But of course McCain has not voted since April 2008.

Furthermore you will not hear McCain talking about:

* the role of government to protect citizens from greedy unfettered corporations
* de-regulation he participated in that led to the mortgage crisis
* his economic advisors who believe "you are on your own"

While McCain complains about pork and government over-spending what real impact do they have on the unemployed, the people who are losing their homes, and the failing economy?

McCain and change do not belong in the same sentence! We need solutions not McCain who is the same as GW Bush, only on steroids.

McCain may campaign on shaking-up Washington, but a tiger does not change its stripes after 26 years in Washington. And anyone who thinks differently is not using common sense.

9/06/2008 6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was clappity for Ol' Joe!

9/06/2008 8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why ANYONE would side with the current breed of Republicans, in particular, is entirely beyond me. I used to be a Republican at one time, back in the Reagan/Bush41 era. But the party changed dramatically after that. They turned into jerks and a$$holes. It no longer was enough to be fiscally conservative and strong on national defense against the Soviet threat. Once the Soviet threat evaporated, the Republicans needed to turn their animosity toward something else. And they did. They turned it toward just about anything they could. It's one thing to act like a jerk toward the Soviets. But it's quite another to act like a jerk toward other Americans, which is exactly what they began to do. And I wanted absolutely no part of that! So I've been a Democrat supporter ever since 1991. And my support for Democrats - and concomitant disdain for Republicans - has only grown since. I don't understand how these people can look in the mirror without vomiting all over themselves. They continue to wrap themselves in the flag while simultaneously doing just about everything to sully just about everything this country should stand for. They're the pinnacle in hypocrisy. In fact, I was astounded the other night during Palin's speech when Palin mocked the concept of people's rights (in the context of the reading of rights vis a vis terror suspects) and the crowd cheered wildly with derision for such rights. I was flabbergasted! How unAmerican is that?! Yet they'll quickly break into rousing chants of "USA, USA, USA." Their sheer arrogance and conceit is disgusting beyond belief.

Excuse my rant. But these people really boil my butt! They're creeps of the highest order. And suddenly, it doesn't surprise me that a vile dictator such as Hitler was able to come to power. The hatred. The nationalism. The complete disregard for others. The willingness to empower evil. It's the Republican party. That's what they have become. And people who go along without using their brains are being sucked down into a deep abyss.

9/06/2008 8:38 PM  

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