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Friday, July 04, 2008

The Ted and Sarah Show...conspiracy theories, misinformation...so many "gold nuggets," so little time.

Ted Stevens should never speak...never. I can just imagine how the Begich Team's mouth must have started watering when they saw the latest diatribes on ADN's Alaska Politics and Dennis Zacki's "Alaska Report" and Blog.

One tidbit was in regards to Alaska Democrats:

Watching this made me flash immediately onto Grandpa Simpson.

The Democrats won this round of "Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robots":
Anchorage, AK – The Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) reacted today to Senator Ted Stevens and called his recent allegations conspiracy theories. Yesterday, Stevens refused to answer tough questions about his record on oil speculation, which has caused gas prices to skyrocket leaving Alaska families behind. He then accused the ADP of being controlled by outside interests. The ADP issued the following statement in response:

"Senator Stevens continues to refuse to answer Alaskans’ tough questions. Instead, he dodges and distracts the public with conspiracy theories. It's absurd to think that anyone other than Alaskans run the Alaska Democratic Party. This is becoming a pattern – Stevens hiding behind expensive lawyers and national politics instead of answering questions about the FBI investigation and how he’s paying his legal bills. We expect Senator Stevens to answer hard questions and take responsibility for his record."

-- Kay Brown, spokeswoman for the Alaska Democratic Party.

If Ted's behavior remains consistent, I believe our rightful expectations will be disappointed.

Once again, Stevens speaks on ANWR:

Dennis's Blog as well as two excellent pieces by Phil Munger on Progressive Alaska covers Steven's and Palin's proclamations regarding ANWR and oil prices nicely.

Phil's comment here slices right to the heart of Steven's primary tactic during the last few years of his political career...and the reason for his success:
Robert Dillon, a very knowledgeable reporter, covered Stevens' full-frontal assault on the truth this week, by telling readers it was a sign that Stevens is ready to hit back at Begich, and hit hard. No, Robert, it is a sign that only when he has to, as a last resort, do something - his bullshit "energy blueprint" plan is in competition with 18 other bills dealing with this - he'll do as little as possible and make the most out of it he can. Trusting, all the time, that you'll help him tell his fucking lie his way.

This is the same point (though more eloquently stated) that I've been trying to make about Steven's alleged "support for the Veterans"...especially regarding the GI Bill. When Stevens can depend on a lack of research from the Mainstream Media and has a lacky like former aide Ric Davidge using pretty red, white and blue pastels to shade the truth, why would he need to exert any effort on behalf of Alaskans?

Phil is absolutely dead-on when he talks about Ted's deteriorating communication skills (which were pretty poor in the beginning) and when he questions whether blatant inaccuracies are purposeful lies or merely a signal of a fading memory. Even the accusations of alleged wrongdoing which sparked the FBI investigation, if true, seem to signal a desire to benefit from past accomplishments and associations...calling in markers at the end of a long career.

It makes one wonder if the rational part of him is begging for retirement while the "pit bull" part just can't stop fighting?

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Blogger Myster said...

That can't have been fun for S.Pa — although she does a really good job of smiling politely and looking attentive while Uncle Ted goes to town on Uncle Chuck.

7/04/2008 3:06 PM  

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