Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: The signing of the GI Bill, the shameful politics of Bush, McCain and Stevens surrounding it and Sen. Webb's response on Countdown

Monday, June 30, 2008

The signing of the GI Bill, the shameful politics of Bush, McCain and Stevens surrounding it and Sen. Webb's response on Countdown

I got this email over the weekend:
Entry on DailyKos: " McCain takes credit for Veteran's Bill he OPPOSED" !

Dear Celtic Blue,

I would have "pasted" the article to you, but I don't know how, exactly.

As a Marine Vet, this DISGUSTS me....

I just think everyones attention should be brought to this, especially the IAVA, and I just thought that you were just the Lady to do it up right.


A faithful trader in Soldotna,
THIS was the post he was talking about and below is the video:

I can't even explain the rage I felt when I saw that video.

I have written extensively about the GI Bill and how McCain, Bush and Stevens not only didn't support it, they supported an alternative Bill that didn't come close to providing the same benefits the Webb Bill does.

Now all three of them are trying to claim they were friggin' responsible for it.

From Sen. Ted Stevens page:
The U.S. Senate tonight passed the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill, which now heads to President Bush to be signed into law. The legislation included numerous provisions championed by Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) to increase veterans’ education benefits and funds for active duty military service members.

The bill substantially increases G.I. benefits for veterans who have served since September 11, 2001. Senator Stevens worked diligently to improve the Webb-Warner G.I. Bill, which was included in the overall spending package.

Do you feel nauseous yet?

Part of what Stevens is making a big deal about is the issue of "transferability," which means the benefits transfer to the family upon the death of the veteran. Sen. Webb's responds to that in his Countdown interview, which I'll discuss below.

So, first Sen. McCain takes credit, then Sen. Stevens takes credit. Last, but not least, Bush is finally pressured into signing it and then HE takes credit and GIVES credit to whomever he feels like!

I don't think it was coincidental that Bush ignored the original Republican co-sponsor of the 21st Century GI Bill...anti-Bush Republican Chuck Hagel.

There have been diaries on Daily Kos all day asking for Sen. Webb to respond to the outrageous behavior of these Republicans.

Thank you Keith Olbermann!!!!

Sen. Webb: "This president missed a real opportunity to show leadership and to show true respect for the people who served..."

Sen. Webb regarding the "transferability" issue supposedly "pushed" by Sen. Stevens: "We accepted this transferability provision, which, by-the-way, had been in the law for six years; this isn't a new idea."

As repugnant as the behavior of Bush and his lackeys has been, Sen. Webb stated on Countdown and Paul Rieckhoff of IAVA wrote in this email excerpt the most important issue to take out of this:
Generations of veterans to come will benefit from this bill. Your support in this fight has been overwhelming- very few bills in recent history have received such an outpouring of public support. Together, we can be extremely proud of this victory.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post Celtic D. I love Jim Webb! :o)

BTW ~ Do you know what happened to the Kudo forum?

I haven't been over there in quite some time, but when I tried tonight, I just found an "under construction" notice. :o(

I guess that's what I get for not dropping in more often.

Also. Is Shannyn still at Kudo? I tuned in today and didn't hear her and everytime that happens, I panic! :-O (I know, I know. I'll probably tune in tomorrow and hear her awesome show. I'm a worry wart though)

p.s. What is "Twitter"? Do I log onto it to find your older or archived threads?

Last but not least, it's so nice to see that Aaron is writing for the Turnagain Times now! I hope it leads to even bigger and better things for him. He sure deserves it! :o)



p.s.s..s. (I keep trying to log on here, but my username isn't working :o( --)

6/30/2008 10:11 PM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

Hey Kudokitty!

The forum has moved--if you just log into your page it should work.

Shannyn is still there...she's been usurped this week by the Bucs. She'll be on tomorrow and Thursday, I believe. They all have Friday off.

Precinct 1080 will be going through some exciting changes--more of an Alaska Progressive Forum.

7/02/2008 12:12 AM  

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