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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Senator Ted Stevens touts the book "America Alone"--should Alaska's Muslim Community (and everyone else) take notice?

When my daughter was about 18 months old, I was entertaining the idea of moving to the lower-48 in the Southern regions (yes, it was February in Anchorage). For the heck of it, I was checking out some "live-in" positions where high-powered, type-A folks were looking for personal assistants to be at their beck-and-call. I started talking to a nice, older couple...a retired oil exec and his wife who were heavily involved in foundations, fundraising and event planning. The position would have been perfect! I sent them my resume, samples of my writing and made sure they knew I had an 18-month-old daughter.

They were impressed with my abilities and tickled at the thought of having a child in the house again. It really looked like this was going somewhere. As a proud mama, I decided to send them a picture of Morrigan and I together.

That evening, I received a curt (at first) phone call saying they were no longer interested in my services. I was stunned and couldn't understand what was happening. I thought perhaps I had said something, that they thought I looked unprofessional (not thin enough) and was so baffled that I kept pushing for an answer.

I was told that they could not hire someone who was "a traitor to her race." I was one of the folks responsible for creating "the mud people" and therefore was "a mud person" myself, which meant that I was a few other choice words as well (mostly regarding my sexual practices). I was so stunned (after yelling numerous accusations about his heritage, his manhood, his IQ and the present location of his head) that it took the "off the hook" sound on my phone to remind me to hang it up.

One of the things that surprised me so much was that these folks were originally from the UK. However, after research I discovered that there was a strong undercurrent of anti-immigration-turned-racism happening in in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Enter Ted Stevens, with one of his "Grandfather Simpson" style rantings when he was asked about his stance on Real ID and the Patriot Act (he's for both of them) and was told about opponent Mark Begich's stance against them.

(7:48 on the video)

"Read the book "America Alone." A lot of people complain about that book...look at the demographic concepts of that book and just think about what's going on in the world and decide whether we want to become Italy or we want to become..."
Wait for it...

"...France, in terms of our society and how it's impacted by those who are really against us."
So, according to Mark Steyn's book "America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It," what does happen to Italy and France?

I went out and actually bought the book and started reading. However, I also discovered that an excellent review by UK journalist, Johann Hari summed it up nicely:
'America Alone' is a guidebook to a continent called Eurabia in the year 2020. Its old European shell looks familiar; "most of" the old Cathedrals and boulevards "still stand" in Rome and London and Paris. But the Islamic National Republican Coalition has just won the French elections - only the latest nation-sized domino to fall to the Islamists. Alcohol is already banned in the Netherlands and Denmark. The continent's women are veiled. The gay clubs are long since shut and shuttered, "relocated to San Francisco."
At least he gave the gays San Francisco.
The "mass evacuations" of white people began five years ago, as the "supposedly Greater France" began "remorselessly evolving month by month into Greater Bosnia." As they flee, the last Europeans curse the memory of mass immigration and multiculturalism. They now realise that 7/7 and France's 2006 car-burning banlieues were merely "the first stage of the Eurabian civil war." The continent that defined modernity is condemned to "societal collapse, fascist revivalism" and a descent into "the long Eurabian night." America is left alone, the last country to resist being "reprimitivized"...

And how do we resist? Because we have guns, you see. Guns will be the thing that saves us all in the long run from fanatic Islam, which supposedly becomes the goal of ALL Muslims rather than just the small percentage every person educated in Middle East politics tells us exists.

Here's where we get to Steven's "demographics" part:
...Steyn's story is - very loosely - based on demographics. His argument is simple. Europe's "white" population (a label he initially shies away from, but later embraces) is having fewer and fewer children. So to keep their social democratic economies spinning, these Europeans are importing Muslim immigrants - who are breeding rapidly. Although he offers no statistics on the European Muslim birthrate, he warns ominously that the most popular baby's name in Rotterdam is now Mohammed. This generation of young Muslims will represent "a literal baby boom". He asks sceptically, "Can the developed world get more Muslim in its demographic character without becoming more Muslim in its political character?" No. Because the "European races too self-absorbed to breed," they are unwittingly catalysing the "the recolonization of Europe by Islam."

An unassimilated, culturally confident Muslim mass will slowly become the majority, and demand the demoralised multicultural "natives" integrate with them. At times, Steyn implies this shift is the result of a conscious political conspiracy. Orianna Fallacci - whose "bravery" he praises - said that Muslims "have been told to come here and breed like rats." Steyn skirts close to his, warning: "Today, a fearless Muslim advance has penetrated far deeper into Europe than Abd al-Rahman... There are three strategies Islam deploys against a dying West: first, demography; second, conversion; and third, the murky 'intertwining' of modern technology and ancient hatreds."
So basically, the "demographics" that Ted Stevens mentioned forbodingly are as Phil Munger states a little more bluntly in his post title on Progressive Alaska; Steyn wants white folks to have more babies because (according to Steyn) the evil Muslim folks (did we mention they are mostly brown?) are multiplying like rabbits as part of a conspiracy to take over Europe and then the world.

And this is the completely-devoid-of-any-scientific-research-tripe that neo-cons like Dick Cheney and now Ted Stevens are openly touting as their influence for actual domestic and foreign policy strategy!

Now, I'm not someone who is going to randomly cry "racism" and cast the evil eye on everyone who might say something stupid. I was one of the folks who, while denouncing the Clintons and their surrogates for "race-baiting," did not confuse their sad opportunism with racism.

However, this book and these "demographics" being discussed in the most powerful offices in the land are ABSOLUTELY related to the old-fashioned "mud people" argument laid out 100-200 years ago by the KKK. The KKK (and later other "white pride" or "neo-nazi" groups) insinuated that black men specifically wanted to get white women pregnant so that the "mud people" could take over. They use the same stereotypes on "Muslims" that they've used on every other minority in the world. The worst false accusation is casting all Muslims in the same light with Osama Bin Ladin.

The sad fact is that Ted Stevens actually used the word "demographics" in his description of the book during the press conference, so he obviously knows exactly what it says.

Is this just one more thing for which the media will refuse to hold him accountable?

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Blogger Grimbles said...

Yes. Guns will save America. But in that 'theory' didn't Norway get taken over...? Norwegian men all have military training, and plenty of guns to go 'round. So um... ...?

On a less snarky note, my heart dropped when I read the bit about the curt phonecall. It's embarrassing, and really incredibly sad, that people with brains in their heads can be so... stupid. Unfortunately, there's idiots like that everywhere. Hell, I'm sure there are idiots in Oman convinced that all white people are trying to take over the world. *sigh*

7/05/2008 2:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What a powerful personal story! My gosh!
I will never forget one time when I worked in a 4th Avenue t-shirt shop I had a white tourist from New Zealand tell me "you have them here too." I wasn't sure who she was talking about so I asked and she whispered "black people." I responded that Anchorage is wonderfully diverse city. And then she asked me if they dirtied the city like they do in N.Z. I was so stunned I really didn't know what to say except say "no, the blacks do not diryt our city." Thinking back, I think I should have not even entered the conversation on her terms b/c it was inherently racist.

Now, regarding the absolute paranoia, that paranoia is real. I hear it from people ALL THE TIME! And the funny thing is when they begin to bitch about it, I alway ask how many white children they have produced. Usually it is below replacement level. If they were really concerned they would be having more babies.

7/05/2008 3:59 AM  
Blogger Grimbles said...

"If they were really concerned they would be having more babies"

Or they're just lazy, which seems to be a primary shortcoming of democratic societies >.>

7/05/2008 10:27 AM  
Anonymous Jean Clarkin said...

Thanks for this story. We have really got to get that man out of office!!! Perhaps its because he's lived in DC too long - or perhaps it is because he's so old - or perhaps its just his true nature - but we have got to get him out of office!

7/05/2008 4:20 PM  
Anonymous Winston Smith said...

So in other words...she didn't read the book at all, just relied on a single review of it, how typical. You lefties are going to be so proud of yourselves once the muslim takeover of Europe is complete, then where will all the women go for their abortions?

The math is simple, even for you guys. The non-moslem world has a birth rate of about 1.5, the muslim world has a birth rate of about 5.5. Our population is shrinking, theirs is exploding.

You guys claim to be the only defenders of 'real' science, art, and culture. How much of that has ever come out of the muslim world? NONE! Wake up people!!!

7/17/2008 6:24 AM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

No, Mr. Smith, I did read the book...I have it on a bookshelf right in front of me now. I just chose to use a review that I felt summarized it well.

The most basic of science actually uses...oh, I don't know...actual studies from which to draw conclusions. Mr. Steyn pulled his out of somewhere else.

7/17/2008 8:25 AM  
Anonymous Nicolas Krebs said...

"the muslim world has a birth rate of about 5.5." (Winston Smith)

No. It's the demography, stupid. First you confuse birth rate (currently 0.04 in Yemen) with fertility rate (currently 6.5 in Yemen). Second, you are dead wrong in your muslim world average. Extract from CIA World Factbook 2007: Morocco, 34 million people, most of them Muslim, Total fertility rate 2.6 children/woman; Algeria, 33 million people, most of them Muslim, TFR 1.9 (lower than France); Egypt, 80 million people, most of them Muslim, TFR 2.8; Turkey, 71 million people, most of them Muslim, TFR 1.9 (lower than France); Iran, 65 million people, most of them Muslim, TFR 1.7 (lower than France); Pakistan, 165 million people, most of them Muslim, TFR 3.7; India, 1130 million people, many of them Muslim, TFR 2.8; Bangladesh, 150 million people, most of them Muslim, TFR 3.1; Indonesia, 235 million people, most of them Muslim, TFR 2.4. You (plural) brain washed estadounidense moron are pityfull.

7/23/2008 11:08 AM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

Thank you, Nicolas, for giving me a link to some credible information!

7/23/2008 11:20 AM  

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