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Friday, July 04, 2008

Taste of Chicago July 3, 2008 Fireworks -- Happy 4th

Yup, I'm from Chicago, but I can say in a completely unbiased way that they have the BEST fireworks displays I've ever seen!!!! The best part is they combine it with The Taste of Chicago, which is all of the best food in the world on Navy Pier for a weekend.

This year, they went with a fireworks company that has the entire thing computerized so they only need one person to basically push a button. As I had a bad experience in the past with a fireworks display that went horribly wrong, I like the idea of people being safe.

Morrigan and I watched this on WGN last night and we were blown away by the show...well, as much as you can be on TV. The music was great and you can hear that in the first two videos.

The last video of the finale doesn't have music, but it was the best video of the finale on You Tube.

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