Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: Obama announces he's opted out of Public Financing -- also, his first general election ad

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama announces he's opted out of Public Financing -- also, his first general election ad

I got this via my email:

Jack and Jill Politics has an excellent analysis:
WHY did he opt out?

Because he has a serious advantage here. Because, for the first time in recent history, The Democrats have a serious money advantage.

While Obama has done his part to get most of the 527's to stand down, Senator Straight Talk is there saying that he can't control everything that The RNC does, let alone the GOP 527's.

Now, opting out of the Public Financing System,which means that Obama will be able to raise as much money as his donors will supply...

COUPLED with his devotion to putting into full throttle- The 50 State Strategy, which includes that voter registration drive in ALL 50 STATES...

means that Obama is playing serious offense.

He WILL force the GOP to defend places that they'd never thought they'd have to and spend money that they simply don't have. It's 'in-your-face' politics, and GOOD - the Democrats need to be playing that FINALLY.
Now, let's talk about McCain's "commitment" to public finance:
A bank loan that Senator John McCain took out late in 2007 to keep his presidential campaign afloat is complicating his desire to withdraw from public financing for his primary effort.

The Federal Election Commission, in a letter it released on Thursday, said Mr. McCain could not withdraw from public financing until he had answered questions about a $4 million line of credit for borrowing that was secured, in part, in December by the promise of federal matching money.

Mr. McCain sent a letter to the commission on Feb. 7 saying he had decided to decline the matching money for his primary campaign. His request for public money, in which the government matches campaign contributions, was made last year as the campaign was running out of cash.
McCain is trying to make this an issue when no one held McCain accountable for thrashing his "commitment" AND ILLEGALLY busted the FEC Cap while receiving public financing.

The media gave McCain a pass during the primary...they need to hold him accountable now as he tries to smear Obama.

Remember, Obama is still not taking PAC or lobbyist money. He's also told the 527s to back off.

Below is what he'll be doing with his money:

He's even running this in Alaska!!!!!!!!


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