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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Candidate Update--Eric Cordero Giorgana

Eric Cordero Giorgana, who is running for Lyda Greene's seat in the Valley, filed as a candidate then took a vacation to Germany. Much to his shock and surprise, Lyda Green pulled out of the race and now he finds that folks have all but awarded the seat to Palin-tapped candidate Linda Menard, as if she is a foregone conclusion. From his email:
My campaign will be about restoring faith in the public process and in the ability of government to be an agent of good. I believe in open, honest government and that, above all, our elected officials have to work for all and not just a few.

It is time to move beyond the divisive politics and power plays of our current leadership. It is time for a fresh perspective, new ideas, and renewed energy in our legislature. Everyone knows it, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

Across all sectors - Education, Health Care, Energy, Transportation, etc, - Alaskans have very real problems to solve and a short time left to solve them. These challenges require strong leadership that unites rather than divides, and a willingness to bring everyone to the table.

Mrs. Linda Mendard and her supporters think that she is the virtual winner right now. I'm ready to disappoint her. She might have name recognition and funds, for now, but I plan on running a serious and honest campaign and will give Mat Su voters a real choice.

I need your help and support to make this happen. Your financial contributions will allow me to run a competitive campaign. There is a limit of $500 per person by law. If you would like to make a donation, you can mail a check to:

Erick Cordero for State Senate
1150 S Colony Way # 3 - PMB 167
Palmer, AK 99645

Thank you for your support. Please feel free to call me at 907-982-0353 if you have any questions or suggestions.

Erick is THE Progressive Candidate for this seat, despite what others might say to get the Progressive vote.


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