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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Right-wing making Michelle Obama a "target" - bloggers fight back

I passed along a very interesting story on "The First Mrs. McCain", her car accident and 23 surgeries and the fact that John dumped her for Cindy. I also did a post on Faux News's unbelievable designation of Michelle Obama as Barack's "Baby Mama."

Bloggers have their own plans to combat this. I loved this diary by bkmn on Pam's House Blend:
Here is my plan going forward:

1) I will only refer to Cindy McCain as Sen. McCain's second wife...the one with a history of stealing drugs from the American Voluntary Medical Team, oh and that was after she was working for the Keating Five as an accountant who couldn't keep track of receipts.

2) At the same time I will bring up Carol McCain, referring to her as Sen. McCain's first wife, the former swimsuit model and the one who was crippled and debilitated following a car accident. When he returned from Vietnam, he proceeded to go skirt chasing...at which time he met Wife #2, which he married 1 month after divorcing Wife #1.

The right takes marriage and fidelity very highly...they just need some education about John Sydney McCain.

When we get done, NO woman should vote for McCain!


Blogger Grimbles said...

Sadly, fidelity is less important to some than the politics they're blindly in love with.

That said, give the bastard hell >=)

6/16/2008 2:53 AM  
Blogger Shimmy said...

But this also is Michelle's first effort, as Democratic wife, to come to grips with coiling all the fingers towards the center of the palm with the thumb.

Don't forget she told a cheering crowd in February: "For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud to live live in a labyrinth of grim corridors lined with terrorist-fist-jabs."

6/16/2008 7:17 AM  

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