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Friday, May 02, 2008

Progressive Candidate Roundup for May 2nd

AK-AL Race: A great story on Diane Benson by Philip Munger today and an AWESOME early picture of her on Progressive Alaska. The story reminds us that Diane was the first one to demand Congress investigate Young, something they are finally doing.

Philip also discussed Diane's appearance and testimony at the "Building Momentum" conference on the epidemic of physical and sexual violence against Native women. Diane has been a passionate advocate of finding solutions for the plight of Native women in Alaska as well as globally.

(In that story, Philip linked to my column in the Daily News today, thanks Philip!)

Philip also discussed her commitment to Vets, which I got an opportunity to see when Diane attended "The Gathering" for Veterans in Wasilla.

The news isn't quite so positive for candidate Jake Metcalfe. It seems that the "Scannell-scandal" actually had a witness in Metcalfe's former campaign manager Dana Krawchuk, who told all to the Fairbanks Daily News Miner. As to why she came forward:
Krawchuk said the Web sites are distracting voters from real issues and are damaging to the Democratic party.

“It’s just nasty, ugly campaiging, and there’s no place for it in this race,” she said.
(Good for you, Dana!)

This evening, Mr. Scannell resigned from the campaign and the press release ended with: "This is the final comment the Metcalfe campaign will be making on this subject."

Regarding Ethan Berkowitz, this scandal has allowed him to gain points in the sympathy polls without even trying! He showed up at "The Gathering" as well.

Senate Race
: Mark Begich has been busy, busy, busy! Friday was his Campaign Headquarters Open House (which I unfortunately had to miss) and then Saturday he came out to Wasilla to"The Gathering" for Veterans, where I did get to see him as I was one of the organizers!

(Yes, I'm using this as an excuse to post our picture one more time...get over it! I want to make my new friend over at Own the Sidewalk jealous!!!! I believe she's Mayor Begich's Official Cyber-Stalker now, right?)

At "The Gathering," I saw Mark's commitment to Vets as one of our most conservative sponsors requested specifically that he speak about The Military Family Support Initiative.

Several days later, Mark did a press conference with several Iraq/Afghanistan Vets and discussed his support for the 21st Century GI Bill...one which Ted Stevens IS NOT SUPPORTING.

The latest news from the Begich Campaign is an exciting endorsement from ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 Political Action Committee!

I have not heard any news on Ray Metcalfe this week and I didn't see any in the paper or on the blogs either. If I missed something, feel free to let me know.

Here's his picture.

Note: Feel free to add any bit of news on any candidate to the comments.


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