Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: Checklist in preparation for the Alaska Democratic Convention at the State Fairgrounds in Palmer

Friday, May 23, 2008

Checklist in preparation for the Alaska Democratic Convention at the State Fairgrounds in Palmer

Registration ----- $75.00

John Dean speech and banquet ----- $55.00

New HP Laptop with 2 years of Geek Squad protection and Cam record capabilities ----- $1,325.00

Replacement cell phone with a functioning speaker/ringer ----- $199.00 before $50.00 rebate

Money pre-paid to fill my gas tank ----- $100.00

Travel pack of tissues from the gas station when I realized $100.00 no longer fills my gas tank ----- $2.00

Food for barbecue in payment for sleeping on friend's couch ----- $32.35

Mr. Sketch watercolor markers left-over from school year so that my daughter doesn't get bored ----- $4.00 (?)

One ear plug to squelch the sound of the markers while she's drawing ----- $0.25

Second ear plug for other ear to squelch the sound of my daughter when she starts complaining about being bored ----- $0.25

Money to pay-off friends so they take daughter for ice cream when she gets on my last nerve ----- $20.00

Cup of coffee I owe Phil Munger for all of his help ----- $3.50 (In case he's a latte Liberal)

Plastic disposable knife to scrape off the old horse/cow/pig/llama/chicken manure from walking around at the Fairgrounds ----- $0.15

Money left in my wallet for coffee shops and family restaurants in Palmer since the @#$%*&^ IRS sent my refund check by mail instead of direct deposit causing me to miss the cutoff for Convention meals ----- $66.83

Opportunity to tell every one of the delegates (especially Shannyn Moore) who wants to go to the Democratic National Convention that my vote depends upon how well they can give a dramatic performance of "I'm a Little Teapot" ----- PRICELESS!!!!!!!

I spoke to Patti of "Lulu and the Aqua Nets" and she suggests that "jello shooters," "naked Twister," and a bucket of Crisco should be employed to decide the Delegate winners. As she says, "If it's good enough to get the Kenai Peninsula through the winter, it's good enough for us!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got a list of Delegates to the National and who they vote for?

5/24/2008 7:03 PM  

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