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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Most Important News of the Night...

OK...maybe the Obama sweep was more important...

But that isn't what I'm talking about!


"Barking and baying up a storm, Uno lived up to his name Tuesday night by becoming the first beagle to win best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club.

The nation's new top dog was clearly the fan favorite, and drew a standing ovation from the sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden when he was picked.

Uno got right into the act, jumping up on handler Aaron Wilkerson and confirming his other title: noisiest in show. Years from now, he'll be known for the "ah-roo" heard 'round the ring.

The only dog consistently listed among America's most popular breeds for nearly 100 years, a beagle had never won in the 100 times Westminster picked a winner. That changed when judge J. Donald Jones pointed to this nearly 3-year-old package of personality.

Good ol' Snoopy, a champion at last."
As many of you know, we're kinda partial to Beagles (Biegels) around here!

This is something my daughter and I do together every year - oooh and ahhhh over the gorgeous doggies. I guess it's a Mother-Daughter thing.


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