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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the name of all that is holy...GET DON YOUNG OUT OF OFFICE!

The latest arrogant crap from "Don Young the Congressman for very few Alaskans" hit the Anchorage Daily News today:
Alaska Congressman Don Young said Wednesday he's cooperating with the Justice Department but refused to give details or answer questions about his huge legal bills.

"I have a right to spend my money as I wish to spend it and we are going to continue to do what I think we have to do to get this issue behind us," he said.

Young's re-election campaign spent $854,035 on legal fees over the course of 2007.

Young, 74, has been under investigation for his ties to Veco Corp., for fundraising activities and for his role in specific congressional earmarks, according to various media reports. He has not been charged with any wrongdoing

Here is my favorite part of the article:
Young said his constituents have not asked him about the legal fees. It's just the media, he said.

A television reporter objected that, as an Alaskan and a voter, he was constituent.

"Did you vote for me last time?" Young asked him.

"No sir," the reporter replied

The hysterical part of this is that the comments on the ADN website exploded with people (constituents) saying they have contacted Young before about this very issue.

Of course, I got very crabby and decided that Mr. Young needed an email from this constituent. Here's the good part:

Sir, the way that elections work in this country, you have the privilege and responsibility of representing and being answerable to ALL Alaskans...not just the ones who voted for you.

I understand you are redirecting a great deal of money that people donated to you for your campaign towards your legal fees. As a constituent, I have the right to demand an explanation and an accounting of those expenditures.

The rest of your "constituents" don't have that that type of fund raising as an option...we have to cover our own bills if we find ourselves in a legal jam. So please, don't act so self-righteous about your "right to privacy" when it comes to public money.

I'll be surprised if I get a response but who knows - Lesil McGuire responded to a crabbier email than this one!


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