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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another lawyer makes my list...

We're slowly getting more of the story regarding Don Young's legal troubles.

Today's ADN ran an article about John Dowd, the lawyer who is representing Don Young with his hush-hush legal problems. (i.e. FBI Investigation):
A heavy-hitting Washington, D.C., lawyer emerged Friday to publicly defend Alaska Congressman Don Young from criticism that he's not coming clean on his legal bills.

Young is running for re-election and has repeatedly refused to say how he spent $854,045 in campaign funds on legal fees last year. John Dowd, an attorney who specializes in representing high-profile politicians in legal trouble, told the Daily News on Friday that Young is doing what he told him to

AHA!!!! Though probably none of us are really surprised, it piques one's curiosity that Young hired the lawyer equivalent of a nuclear bomb to deal with his pesky legal troubles. This guy clearly has skills:
Dowd's involvement in the investigation wasn't known until he contacted the Daily News on Friday in defense of Alaska's lone congressman.

The "defense" was over a press conference I wrote about in two posts HERE and HERE where Young refused to answer questions about legal fees.(VIDEO HERE)
Among other high-profile cases he's worked on, Dowd represented Sen. John McCain during the Keating Five scandal in the 1980s.

McCain was never charged or sanctioned after being accused of improperly helping savings and loan operator Charles Keating Jr

Folks at that time considered McCain's escape from punishment equal to a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

However, for a high-powered lawyer this guy definitely has lapses in judgment:
The Washington Post described Dowd as a major fundraiser for McCain in the current presidential race before throwing his support to Fred Thompson.

It seems that the "Keating Five" scandal launched quite a career in protecting crooked rich and powerful people:
Other clients have included an Arizona governor in a bank and wire fraud case, a Nevada senator in a bribery case and Monica Goodling, who was counsel to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and refused to cooperate with congressional Democrats investigating the U.S. attorney firings.

He's defended clients in scandals ranging from Iran-contra to Enron

In the words of Morticia Adams (Adams Family Values), "All that I could forgive."

What this former Cincinnati girl and avid 1970's World Series Cincinnati Red's fan cannot forgive:
The commissioner of Major League Baseball hired him to investigate Pete Rose's gambling. Rose was banned from baseball as a result.

Pete Rose - one of the greatest players of all time and an absolute gentleman - has also been banned from induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. (Yet steroid users, drug addicts, alcoholics and wife beaters continue to reoffend and remain in the game. But I digress...)


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