Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: March 18th Assembly Meeting - ask for resignations!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18th Assembly Meeting - ask for resignations!


A big THANKS to
If you look at my previous posts you'll see that one of the Corrupt Bastards, Junior Division is going back on his word - Bill Starr is "rethinking" accepting donations again, which he said he would not.

Here is the original story on the tape and then the analysis refuting their claims of illegal wiretapping.

And then there was his Assembly email.

APOC only fined him $315.00 and dropped the other complaints (gee...surprise...they did almost nothing) but at least the FBI is still investigating.


As a constituent of Coffey and Traini, I know I had enough a few years ago.

KUDO's Shannyn Moore is requesting that folks like us show up at the next Assembly Meeting on the 18th and let them know how we feel!

Had Coffey and Starr been the slightest bit accountable for their dispicable behavior taped on Tesche's phone, I'd have backed off...a little. But they haven't. It is time for our community to remind them they are public servants, not the other way around.


Wear blue jeans, white shirts, and red bandannas. It will be a sign of solidarity from the community, that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is not a private site, they will know this is coming. Bring your kids, friends, and neighbors. This is not about being left or right, it is about being right and wrong. This will be to call for the resignations of Coffey and Starr for conduct unbecoming a public official.

I will be there and I hope I can get my husband and daughter to come.

Wow, I haven't worn a bandanna around my neck since college!


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