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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bill Starr's Mea Culpa...sorta...

From Kyle Hopkins's Alaska Politics Blog:
Meantime, Starr sent this announcement today:

I am deeply saddened and hurt by recent implications that my re-election fund raising and campaign efforts are unethical and violate campaigning laws. I intend to cooperate fully with any investigation or research into my campaign efforts. Additionally, I will ask the Municipal Ethics Commission for a review of my actions and comments associated with my work on the Anchorage Assembly.

Campaign finance efforts of currently elected officials is particularly frustrating due to the increased potential conflicts and questions of motivations of those providing campaign support. In today's environment it would appear that any legal contribution must pass additional criterion. There is no easy solution to those needing to finance campaign efforts such as advertising and voter communications. I want to affirm that my efforts to obtain contributions and those received were obtained on the highest ethical measure.

The frustration remains for me that inappropriate dialogues or inference to future favoritism could occur. Other than the integrity and standards of the candidate there really is no guard against. For this reason I have decided to return all campaign contributions to date and rely solely on my personal finances for campaign expenses.

A pressing problem in my campaign and certainly others is the steady request to meet with unions, lobbies, and other vested entities. For the elected official seeking re-election this is very problematic as evidenced in my interactions with Police Unions, Teamsters and other vested stakeholders in the political process. My current job as Assembly Member and candidate come into conflict often in these situations. I will establish new personal guidelines on my constituent and city stakeholder interactions and communications.

I appreciate the opportunity to deliver this message and ask the citizens of Anchorage for their continued support as I perform my public servant duties.

Bill Starr, Member Anchorage Assembly

Candidate for Assembly Seat 2-C


Isn't it interesting that Bill Starr claimed last night that the tape was "spliced together."

He's not claiming that now, is he? In fact, he's saying something to the effect of "I didn't really do anything but I'm sorry if you guys think I did something and I promise I won't do it again even though I didn't do anything"

I wonder if he read my blog?

OK, OK, maybe it's wishful thinking...

Of course, no surprise to me, Dan Coffey is denying it all and playing the victim.

Man, I wish we had some recorded phone calls with his child-molester/drug dealer buddy!


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