Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: Ooooh...Lucy Lawless on Battlestar Galactica!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ooooh...Lucy Lawless on Battlestar Galactica!!!!

Last night's episode ROCKED!!!!

It can't get any better than Lucy Lawless as a blonde and Captain Apollo in nothing but a towel - just held in front of "the family jewels" at one point. What I would have given for a back shot at that moment!

I can only hope that Lucy is going to be a regular!!!!!

For those who haven't seen it and want to catch it in repeat this week...avert your eyes and read no farther!

(If you aren't able to catch it on cable, go here to watch the episode on line.)


There are LL fans all over the world right now licking their lips at the idea of her as a Cylon...after all, there are many copies!!!!! That ending poses so many questions...

In what theater and what location were they viewing the film? Are those other three copies of the Cylons actually traveling with the fleet unnoticed? If not, how did the reporter get there without suspicion or was she somehow able to relay the information to one of her copies?

Also, they didn't know that Sharon was alive - I thought that they had some connection to one another, so does that mean she's cut that connection off and really is loyal to the humans, or is she just another time bomb?

The plot thickens...


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