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Monday, August 29, 2005

Someone is now officially occupying Bunny Greenhouse's job

From: Strock, Carl A LTG HQ02
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 2:15 AM
To: CDL-All-Corps of Engineers
Subject: Acting PARC

Corps Team:

As of 29 August 2005 and until further notice, COL Norbert S. Doyle is the Acting Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting.

LTG Strock
This was sent out to all Corps employees today. For those who didn't read my past posts, I've previously talked about the smear campaign against Bunnatine H. Greenhouse because she dared, as the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting (PARC) for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HQ, not only to question the ethics of awarding a huge sole-source contract in Iraq to KBR (Halliburton) but she demanded that the KBR representatives be removed from the room during a meeting where THE CORPS WAS DECIDING THE TERMS OF THE CONTRACT. (FYI - their presence was illegal.)

So naturally, her reward was a demotion and a 90-day probation period. (i.e...they are going to fire her.) If we want anymore evidence of her eventual departure, just look at the email.

She is eligible to retire. They told her to retire. Her response?
Over my dead body, said Greenhouse.

"I took an oath of office. I took those words that I was going to protect the interests of my government and my country. So help me God," she says. "And nobody. Has the right. To take away my privilege. To serve my government. Nobody."

Her government and the taxpayers should actually be applauding this woman for her superior ethics and dedicated service to the people of the United States. However, like everything else in the Bush Adminstration, these values are once again turned on their heads and we punish the virtuous and reward the loyal lawbreakers.

I've been accused of being bitter. Perhaps that's true, but I have a lot of company and good reason; bitterness is not ingrained, it comes from years of disillusionment and disappointment in our leaders.

There's a reason the rats are abandoning the ship known as Federal Employment.


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