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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ghosts in the apartment

Our new apartment has a niced fenced in grassy park area, with 2 ponds. So despite my reservations about outdoor cats, my husband has been letting the two indoor cats play in the park area.On Friday night, only one cat came in. We searched the area, and couldn't find the other cat. My husband slept out in the living room that night with the back door opened in case the cat was lost, so she'd know where to come in. No cat arrived.

Yesterday I made flyers, and we put flyers on all the ground floor apartments facing the park. We started hitting petharbor and other sites trying to find pictures of our cat. There's a cat that looks remarkably like Beaker in the Longmont CO shelter. That's 50 miles away. This morning my husband woke up early, and drove out to Longmont to see if that was our cat. It was not.

So we just got a phone call..this woman 3 apartments down thought she had ghosts. Things in the house kept moving, and her canola oil bottle kept toppling when she wasn't in the room. Apparently the cat had climbed into her apartment, and was found sleeping in a basket she stores over her fridge. She called the number on our flyer, yay happy endings


Blogger CelticDiva said...

See...kitties are smart.

They just make sure they have an "alternative home" in case you piss them off!

Glad the cat is back!

8/15/2005 9:54 AM  

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