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Friday, August 05, 2005

The Illustrious Alaska Medical Board

I missed the fact that my Letter to the Editor in support of Dr. Joyce Murphy appeared in the Daily News yesterday. It was titled "Writer needs to do more research before hailing medical board's act."

It's interesting that we haven't heard a peep about Dr. Murphy in several weeks...long after the decision by the Medical Board was supposed to have been made. I think the bad press scared them.

Oh, speaking of doctors who have their licenses suspended...check out the article today:

A state administrative judge has recommended that Dr. Gary Gerlay's medical license remain suspended.

In his written decision made public Thursday, Judge David Stebing said the suspension was justified by Gerlay's sexual misconduct with patients, failure to provide adequate care and concerns about the doctor's drug use.

The Alaska State Medical Board suspended Gerlay's license April 21, after a three-year state investigation that concluded he was an immediate danger to the public. Gerlay contested the suspension in a hearing before Stebing in June.

Holy crap! They suspended Dr. Murphy's license(s) just because they were questioning her percentage of C-sections! SHE HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG AND NO ONE GOT HURT! The investigation wasn't even complete yet and had only been going on for a few months!

Yet they gave that animal THREE #$%^ YEARS to continue practicing!

I just love Governor Murkowski's right-wing Alaska state bureaucracy! We have doctors sexually abusing their patients? Bah...no big deal...they can wait three years! We have a doctor who helps women get inexpensive contraception and supports natural childbirth to the detriment of hospital profits? For God's sake, stop her from practicing!


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