Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: Alaska Delegates and other Democrats in Denver

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alaska Delegates and other Democrats in Denver

Last night, our own Ryan Bucholdt was honored on stage as a young delegate--the future of the Democratic Party

Patti Higgins

Lindsey Holmes, Vic Fisher and Jane Angvik

Obama fans showing their enthusiasm next to a small contigent of McCain supporters

Former Alabama Atty General, G. Douglas Jones, spoke at the Alaska Delegation Breakfast this morning. He helped to put away the bombers of the 16th Street Church back in the 1960's where four little girls were killed and gave a moving and informative reminder that not-so-long-ago, racial violence was common.

Writer and Air
America radio personality Thom Hartmann spoke and signed his new book "Cracking the Code" at Border's Books tonight. Since I missed him at the Big Tent, I got a chance to listen to him while Writing Raven was at the Pepsi Center. He discussed (among other things) the battle against economic tyranny and how the task facing Barack Obama was similar to the one that faced FDR. My friends, Kim and Erick, are on either side of him.

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