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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ted Stevens has chosen his constituency and it ain't us

From the Alaska Democratic Party yesterday:

Anchorage, Alaska – U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) blocked legislation today which would have included a provision that allows plaintiffs of the Exxon Valdez oil spill to average any settlement that they receive in connection with pending litigation in the federal courts over three years for federal tax purposes and allow these individuals to use these funds to make contributions to retirement accounts. Today, with the help of Stevens, the Senate failed to pass a gas relief bill and a tax relief bill. [Roll Call Vote #146, Roll Call Vote #147]

"Senator Stevens voted against Alaskan families today," said Patti Higgins, State Chair for the Alaska Democratic Party. "Gas prices are at record highs and families are being stretched thin. These bills could have made a real difference. Unfortunately, Stevens continues to leave middle class families behind."
* *
Rising gas prices have made it difficult for Alaskan families to stretch their household budgets. In May 2001, the average retail price per gallon of gasoline in Alaska was $1.67. The average gas price per gallon is $4.18 as of May 19, 2008. When adjusted for inflation, this represents an increase of 107 percent. [Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation; American Automobile Association.] *The Consumer-First Energy Act* would have addressed some of the root causes of the record high gas prices. It would have rolled back tax breaks for oil companies while investing in renewable energy, created an Energy Independence Trust Fund to help consumers meet high energy costs, supporting clean energy technologies, and improving energy efficiency, stopped Wall Street speculation that is artificially driving up oil prices, prevented price gouging by oil producers and distributors, and allowed legal action in U.S. courts against OPEC for manipulating the price of oil.

*The Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act* was a tax relief package that would have included the Exxon Valdez provision. The legislation also included incentives for clean energy, college tuition tax credit, deductibility of state and local sales tax for states without income taxes, and research and development tax credit. Alaska's nearly 8,000 teachers would have saved $2 million under a provision that allowed teachers to deduct their own money spent on classroom supplies. In addition, it would have change the child tax credit to include an additional 2.9 million

Phil Munger at Progressive Alaska talks about how the GOP lips firmly attached to the oil company tailpipe is actually helping the terrorists around the world.

So Ted Stevens has chosen HIS constituency.

Progressive Candidates in Alaska may have just the energy ammunition they need with the end of the "special session." The possibility of the Legislature giving the nod to TransCanada's gas pipeline AGIA bid is looking good...something Ted Stevens has emphatically opposed. For Alaska Progressives to support and present a plan which would provide much needed energy to Alaska and the lower-48, as well as the positive ramifications it may have for the U.S. steel industry, could be the one-two punch the Dems need on the local and national scale.


Blogger Grimbles said...

It's so very odd (ahem) that they're happy to talk about the affects of OPEC and stock markets, while shying away from that unnecessary spike in oil consumption over in Iraq, along with all the oil the military is stockpiling...

6/11/2008 6:09 PM  

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